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How to Receive Oral

Giving oral is one thing, but receiving is another. today I am going to detail how to receive oral to make you more comfortable during it. Here are a couple of things you can do to ensure the most out of your pleasure experience. 

 Giving head is similar to sucking and licking a Popsicle.
       And giving a women head is similar to being between two really enjoyable rocks. Either way "when you lean over too much, the jaw can be inconvenienced." After studying 12 cases of whiplashed induced from giving head, a sexuality researcher stated to make sure your in a position where there is no added strain to the jaw, neck and even back. So, ensure the person giving you head is comfortable so it can go for as long as possible and be enjoyable for both. 

Relax, let them take the lead. 
      Receiving head is similar to being in a Tesla on autopilot. You’re going to get there, just you’re not going to be in control the entire time. It's natural for your hands to try to grab the wheel, or in this case their head shoulders or body. Just avoid using your hands to steer unless there’s a malfunction and you need to do an emergency maneuver for your comfort. Hair stroking isn’t a problem but you must be gentle and Avoid using your hands, forcefully unless it’s been discussed, as not every woman is into it. Some can even feel like their blowjob isn’t up to your standards and are insulted by your hands acting as training wheels.

Make some noise
     Give us some feedback, whether its verbal, vocal or non-verbal, such as movements, twitches or heavy breathing. It is all a clue as to how we are going when we should slow down, speed up or change motions. 

Let us know when you’re going to come. 
     Especially the very first time we are doing this. Sometimes it can be a little hard to read. Of course, we all learn each other’s bodies in time, but for the start give us a heads up. Also, let us know if you want the PCH (Post Cum Head) or for us to stop because you’re too sensitive. 

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Happy heading,

Lexi, xx

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