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What are common fetishes?

What are common fetishes?

      You may have heard of some before, thinking they’re rare. But all of these fetishes are pretty common.

Here are the top 8 male fetishes that you might want to know about:

  1. Foot Fetish

     This one is an obvious one, and probably one of the more popular ones. Whether you like touching feet or having yours touched this is exactly what the term implies. People with this fetish rarely encounter issues with someone not wanting a foot massage. Another variation on this fetish involves shoes, usually heels. Whether it’s the worship of the feet and shoes, having the wearer trample over them in the shoes or buying shoes for the wearer regularly.

  1. Infantilism Fetish

     While this may seem strange on the surface, when digging deeper this fetish is surprisingly common. Men and women with this fetish like the act similar to a baby while their partner plays the role of mother, father, nanny or even another child. This fetish can range from soft behaviours like gibberish talk, being held or coddled, and throwing tantrums to including props like cribs, pacifiers, bottles, and even diapers!

  1. Spanking

      Spanking is appreciated by all sexes. The fetishist either enjoys spanking or being spanked and may even act out to receive “punishment”. It can be included in the roleplaying fetish of infantilism however, it involves elements of domination, submission, humiliation and pain. People without this fetish enjoy a little spanking time to time but for fetishists, spanking is taken very seriously and can be hardcore.

  1. Tight-fitting Clothes

      This fetish can involve wearing or seeing someone wear tight-fitting clothing, usually latex, leather or rubber. An extension of this fetish can include a Gimp who is a sexual submissive dressed head to toe in tight-fitting clothing as acting as a slave or receiving pain. 

  1. Golden showers

      This one is similar to popping champagne, but replace the drink with pee. Those with this fetish enjoy peeing on or being peed on by another person. This one probably stems from the fact that such an act is seen as a taboo. The knowledge that you’re breaking so many of society’s rules can be a huge turn on. Or maybe it’s the humiliation or the taste. If you’re going to try it out obviously, do this one in the shower or bathtub.

  1. Peeping Tom

      Ah, the peeping Tom! This fetish involves getting off on watching others have sex or even do mundane tasks from showering to cooking. It usually involves being unseen and unknown. While easily satisfied on the internet through porn, this can also be created in real life. Just ask your partner to let you watch them, being watched can also be a huge turn on. 

  1. Cuckolding

      A jump from the peeping Tom, the man who likes to watch others have sex, is the cuckold. Where the cuckold watches their partner or master being fucked by someone else, usually devoting their sexual interest entirely to this person who can choose when and if they get their sexual satisfaction. Lighter variations of this may include orgasm denial and being given permission to cum.
     Having a sexual fetish is quite normal. Got a fetish of your own? Satisfy it by all means! As long as you are not harming anyone and everyone is a consenting adult, everything should be a-okay.

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Lexi, xx

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