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How to Kiss

How to Kiss

Body Language

     A first kiss can be an intimidating thought. The only way to do it is to judge the responses. Have you brushed against her skin and has she moved into you? Does she angle herself towards you? Laugh at your jokes? These are all good signs she’s into you. When the moment feels right - seize it. Watch her, if she looks at your lips, licks her lips or tilts her head these are good signals she wants to kiss. 

Instead of stealing kisses, ensure a level of permission is given.

     Permission for a kiss isn’t always given in just words, it can be a non-verbal signal, a mood or the timing. Usually, a good sign is them tilting their head, constant glancing at your lips, or simply being alone enough to comfortably enjoy the moment. 

What direction should my head go?

     Take her neck in your hand and guide yourself and her into each other if you’re worried about turning the wrong way. As a general rule, most people lean towards the right when they are being kissed.  However, this is also dependant on what direction the kiss initiator leans their head. Most people tend to lean their head the same direction as their dominant hand, with kiss receivers complementing the movement and moving in the same direction so the kiss isn’t uncomfortable. As most of the population is right-handed, stick to the right unless you know they’re left-handed. 

Use your mouth: Focus on your lips, not your teeth.

     Some kisses are heavy on the teeth, some heavy on the tongue. Kisses like that force me to make my lips smaller and thinner, harder to penetrate. Biting and using your tongue can work, yes. But never when the use of lips has been disregarded completely. Lips are juicy, they should be sucked, pressed against each other in every direction and the focus of the kiss. The tongue or any nipping and biting are complementary.  

Don’t lizard kiss!

     Don’t get into a habit of sticking your tongue out and wagging it around. Peck, and build up to it whether it’s one just to test or a few pecks to build up to a full-on kiss, if you’re unsure, build-up to it. Never go in like you’re eating an ice-cream or licking clean a plate. Your tongue should be used to lightly tease her lips, and play with her tongue if she uses her in response. 

Touch me, don’t grab me. 

     At the start of a kiss, it should be hesitant like you’re giving a gift that is fragile and need to be slowly unwrapped. Some kisses might need a bit more ferocity, but in general, be delicate. Touch your lady subtly on the side of her face and gently hold her head or neck. Brush your fingers against her collar bone. Work your way down and back up her body until the kiss is so deep and passionate you can’t help but grab onto her hip or leg as if asking for more. 

Kissing is a guide.

     Sexually, without kissing it can be hard to know exactly where to move next. So kissing someone is a great way to judge the sexual chemistry between two people. The only authority on how to get it right is the one your kissing. Interpret their signals, their responses to your actions, or if you can’t do that ask them how they like to be kissed. If you’re both comfortable moving beyond this start lightly kissing other places and experimenting. 

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Happy Smooching!!

 Lexi, XX

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