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How Googled is your Fetish?

How Googled is your Fetish?

Google has ‘trends’ available, much similar to Pornhub’s ‘insights.’ Today we are looking at How Googled is your Fetish? Don't be shy!

      Most people don’t go to Pornhub when they first hear of a fetish, they go to Google. Therefore, with a grain of salt, we can understand these insights as a sample of global curiosity on fetishes. 


      Looning, the sexual fetish that involves balloons, has always been a curiosity on the web. While it appears to have solid followers, three times it has peaked in common interest in February 2005, 2008 and 2014… What is happening in February for Looners? 


      Bursting onto the scene in early 2007 and reaching its peak in 2014. This trend is on now on a steady decline. I guess most people know what this is now that the LGBTQ community is ‘out and proud’ in popular culture. 

Eating Ass

      Eating ass has its loyal followers, with popularity increasing from 7 hits in January 2004 to its peak of 100 hits during April 2016. In 2019 Eating Ass gets around 60 hits a month. Rim job follows a very similar trend to eating ass. 

Cake Farts

      While cake farts have exploded into the public memory, they appear to do so in sneaky but deadly bouts. It has exploded into our minds and on our screen three times. In July 2009, August 2013, where it hung around like a bad stomach bug, and finally Feb 2016. Afterwards hits on cake farts steadily got quieter. 

Doggie Style

      Doing it from behind has always been on the public consciousness, however, in December 2008, Santa's sack was slapping from behind double its usual amount. 

Anal Fisting

      Anal fisting’s hay day was from January 2006 until January 2009. Since then its been on a steady decline.

Vaginal fisting

      Reaching its peak in February 2015, but having steady hits throughout its search history. 

The Fourgy 

      The four-person orgy has been a battle of hits and misses. From 2004-2008 it was rocky, with only a few searches every few months. Since 2008 the searches have been more consistent, albeit low. Seems there's a small group of maybe four people searching this proudly on Google. 


      Threesomes hit their peak in April 2016 but have been consistently Googled since.


      Interest in pegging has been steadily increasing, reaching its peak in December 2015, interest doesn’t seem to be turning around. 


      The sexual attraction to mannequins was a new concept in 2004, gaining peak interest in April. However, Agalmatophilia appears to have a small group of devoted followers. In 2019, Google averages 7-15 hits a month. 

Daddy Dom

      While interest in Daddy Dom has always been there, it more than doubled from July 2005 to December 2015. Interest is tapering off but it still remains embedded on the public conscience.  

      Whatever your fetish, embrace it... And maybe even Google it more to get more attention to it...

Lexi XX

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