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Escortionists, Sugar Babies and Sex Scandals of the Uber Rich.

Escortionists, Sugar Babies and Sex Scandals of the Uber Rich.

We know money talks, but it also pays to keep people quiet! Escortionists, Sugar Babies and Sex Scandals of the Uber Rich are some of the most expensive love affairs! When these High Profile & Net Worth Affairs Go Bad, Are They Really Worth It? The sex drive of rich men is the basis of the Mistress Whisperers business, and business is good.
Herman Weisberg is the man the philandering uber-rich call when love, mistresses, and sex binges go bad. He meets the lovers of these men at upscale yet discreet cafes and bars, in a hope to deter them from making a scene. Herman represents his clients, who are harassed for money in exchange for keeping a secret. He calmly explains to these lovers that this offence - Extorsion, carries jail time. While prepared to contact the police, this is an opportunity for them to walk away.

Usually this situation is pretty seamless, the mistress, lover or sex worker accepts that they are commiting a criminal act and drop it, but some do make a scene.

Dealing with all manners of white collar crime for the wealthy and high profile, Weisberg’s diplomacy and discretion handling the burned lovers of entertainment, politics and industry professionals has earned him the title “Mistress Whisperer.” With a background NYPD Vice deaprtment dealing with prostittion and sex trafficking, a stint in narcotics and intelligence and finally, his own practice which includes Private Investigation work. He’s well cut out for the job as the middleman between Uber rich and Escortionists.


While many of Weisbergs clients are burned lovers, some are opportunistic escorts, who often make a living from hooking up with and blackmailing men. Even an escort who isn’t out to blackmail may see an opportunity once uncovering a clients identity or net worth.

Imagine, a married men visits a sex-worker after a conference and leaves a leaflet, name tag or card in the room. A quick google and networth is available for the escortionsists illegal use. Weisberg claims the “escortionsts” are business orientated, while with burned lovers the emotional affair attached allows the mistress to know intimate details and information. Changing the dynamic entirely from financial to emotional.

     Sugar daddy/Sugar Baby

The internet has created a new world for discretion and an easy way to communicate wants and needs. Relationships among wealthy men and beautiful women have been replaced with arrangements - similar to business contracts but with intimacy, support and luxury on the credit cards. This has left a grey area, where both love seekers and fund seekers can interact and the lines between sex-work and intimate relationships are blurred.

    Controversial Clients

Weisberg being the best in his line of work is highly sought after, and has represented clients which have left him in an unsavory position with the public. After representing Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced producer guilty of rape charges, he recieved many death threats. In response, he claims “I dont choose my clients, they choose me.”

    The “Other” Women

The mistresses, lovers and escorts are easily acquired and disposed of at will, creating an uneven power dynamic. This process is exacerbated by websites such as Seeking Arrangment and Ashely Maddison, which allow wealthy men to access younger, cheaper and more beautiful women at the click of a button.

     Female Clients

Not all Weisberg clients are male. Yet, he explains that his female clients have never had a case of extortion for money. Rather, female clients are coerced into a continued relationship with blackmail of information, pictures, and more. Stalking and potentially violent bahaviour are taken seriously and steps are taken with his clients to ensure that a relationship gone sour, never turns violent.

    “G’day Mate!”

Scandals such as those experienced in the US ring true within Australian politics. Andrew Broad reportedly became involved with a woman while in Hong Kong, during an international fruit exhibition. Screen shots that were used for blackmail, and when refusing to pay these were handed to the press. Snippets of the conversation are below: 

“Do you like Aussie accents?” to which the Sugar baby replies “I love Aussie accents, I think they’re so sexy.” Broad details his seduction techniques stating: “I pull you close, run my strong hands down your back, softly kiss your neck and whisper G’day mate.” Other messages show off Broad’s masculine side: “I’m a country guy, so I know how to fly a plane, ride a horse, fuck my woman. My intentions are completely dishonourable.” Aussies took to the web to “cancel” the phrase “G’day Mate” after Broad’s sexual use of it. As a result, He has since resigned from his position as Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister. 

It appears while the web gives rise to a plethora of options, not all of those sugar babies and independent escorts take discretion seriously. Be careful when meeting sugar babies or booking escorts from online, as even the innocent ones can become opportunistic and the pros know exactly what mask to wear to gain your trust. Be diligent in protecting your identity, and ensure you choose a lady who values discretion as much as you do. 

Lexi xx

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