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Give Your Gal A Discreet Vibrating Ring

Give Your Gal A Discreet Vibrating Ring

Give Your Gal A Discreet Vibrating Ring: Instead of calling your casual fling- give them a vibrating ring.

    Vibrators help with sexual discovery, achieve orgasm and make sex so much better! Sex-Technology (known as Sex Tech) has catapulted adult play toys into the future - creating sleek designs and new motions, even the ability to sync vibrations to your favourite song so you can come to your own beat! However, many vibrators remain in hidden spaces, a bag under your bed, your nightstand or in a play box. Few vibrators are both powerful enough and disguised enough to be left in display proudly.

 Feeling Myself, visually as sexually.

    There have been many attempts to make discreet vibrators. Disguised as lipsticks, pens, even underwear. Making the vibration sound more intense and yet quiet has been an ongoing development in vibrators. None of these attempts have been as perfected as Unbound’s new statement vibrating ring, The Palma.

 The Silent Buzz

     Even on the most intense vibration, someone would need to be close enough to enjoy the show, to hear a buzz. This is remarkable as many of the best sex toys, such as the Bodywand or Womanizer suction toy sound akin to the drill and sucker used by the dentist. Reducing, even removing, sounds leaves the senses able to relax. No need to blast your sexy playlist to cover the sounds.

     Safety assured when you shake hands with someone at work after your morning fun, it won't be accidentally turned on. Not only is it stylish, but it’s near-silent and actually safe to wear without fear of public embarrassment when randomly turned on.

 Coming in silver and gold, anywhere.

      Designed to be displayed, The Palma arrives nestled in a geometric charging box, the Palma encourages you to feel yourself, and even feel comfortable enough to leave this on display on top of your nightstand. With a nifty draw to store your charger, storage pouch and instructions.  The Palma is available in both Silver and Gold.

How does it feel?

    The first three settings on the Palma range from least to most vibrations. Setting four gently increases and decreases vibes based on how the ring is tilted. This is excellent for teasing and achieving a more natural hands-on approach. The final setting tops the cake and is sure to make you cum to your own beat. Tap out a rhythm onto the ring and the Palma plays back the same vibrations.

Wear your sexuality on your sleeve.

     Imagine sitting across the table from your date, after having gifted her this ring the week before. The entire dinner as her hands work their way through her meal, you both build up excitement knowing exactly where that ring will be used next.

I'm secretly buzzed about this ring. So C'mon Give Your Gal A Discreet Vibrating Ring you won't regret buying this ring for her and its never too early. What a flip on the chasity ring huh?

Lexi, XX

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