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Water Play Myths

Water Play Myths

    Sure, we have all think sex in the shower or tub is a clean idea. Which has lead to myths being circulated that I want to clear up. I’m going to tell you the truth.

 Myth #1: If a man ejaculates into a pool you can get pregnant.

     FALSE. Pools and spas are filled with chemicals which after a few seconds of exposure will kill sperm. However, when practicing safe sex it’s a good idea for females to avoid staying in the water during and after the climax as unless you're both tested - there’s still the risk of STIs. If a man ejaculates into a pool, it is extremely unlikely to cause a pregnancy. Pools and Jacuzzis have chlorine and other chemicals, so sperm doesn’t stand a chance for more than a couple of seconds.

 Myth #2: You won’t catch an STI in the water.

     FALSE!!! The same rules apply as out of the water. When having sex without a condom you’re at risk of STIs, so no direct skin on skin contact and use one hand on each other and the other on yourself. Performing a blowjob underwater does not make it safe- so unless that’s something you are already doing with your lover always be safe.

 Myth 3: Having sex in water prevents pregnancy.

     FALSE! No amount of water, chlorine, salt or lake will stop sperm once it’s inside the vagina. If you’re not on contraception use a condom. The pull-out method doesn’t work.

 Myth #4: Heat from hot tubs can destroy sperm.

     FALSE. Some people assume the high temperature of a hot tub will kill sperm, or at least decrease their sperm count and reduce the likelihood of pregnancy.
Truth is, that while consistent exposure over time will decrease a mans spermicide count - when a man ejaculates there’s still several million of them and it only takes one strong swimmer to fertilise an egg.  

      So basically, if you’re practising safe sex - the same rules apply to water sex. Use a condom, perform unprotected oral at your discretion and try to use one hand on yourself and the other to please your partner. If you’re on contraception and have discussed your sexual history with your partner enjoy your time. Otherwise, be warned, water doesn’t in any way kill sperm once it’s in the vagina, and the pull-out method does not work.

      Enjoy your time in the water and your sexual baptism. Relax beforehand or afterwards with a massage and a wash. You'll leave feeling wholesome, aligned and at peace with yourself and your libido.

Read more about water: Water Isn’t Wet!

 Lexi xx

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