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4 hands - Double Trouble

4 hands - Double Trouble

 If you've ever thought about having two women give you every ounce of their attention, you should consider getting a double massage! 4 hands - Double Trouble and I'm going to tell you what you need to know. Imagine two ladies, with four expert hands working in synchronicity on one body. It's almost as if you're experiencing two massages at the one time. Now imagine both of those ladies being completely naked, and more than happy to arouse your interest in more than one way. These two ladies become dancers, taking centre stage on your body, performing delicate and strong movements until it ends in applaud. At first, you might try to track the masseuses, whos doing what and where, you will soon realise that it’s easier to let your mind rest, the ladies please and your body be overcome by the senses.

 If the idea of having two ladies naked and giving you attention is something that excites you, you should consider making yourself the centre of attention and getting a double massage. Four hands, four breasts, two personalities, one real-life fantasy. Before you jump up and run to your nearest parlour, there are some things you should consider first to get the most out of your experience.

 The thought of two women is damn exciting, but the irony is, when graced with two goddesses, many freeze up and sit back in awe. Below are some tips to ensure you make the right choices when considering your masseuses, some basic things to communicate and some tips to ensure you make the most of your experience!

Picking your set: Ensuring CUMfort.

 Your best bet is to inform the receptionist that you are seeking a double massage. Next, ask the masseuses you are considering who they would feel comfortable with. This ensures everyone in the room is relaxed and can enjoy themselves. If you have a favourite masseuse mention that you're interested in double trouble, and what you’re interested in, so she can find the best lady to join you both. Sometimes people seek two similar masseuses, other times they seek two complete opposites, it is important you let your masseuse know if you want someone similar or some variety.

Establishing boundaries:

 Two masseuses means two different massages, sets of rules and personalities. Therefore, it is essential to make sure you develop an understanding between the three of you before getting to the massage. If you’re seeking more than just a double massage, mentioning this to your masseuses is essential as well. Some masseuses do only do erotic massages, but that doesn't mean you should avoid these ladies if you are seeking more. If you have clear communication with your masseuses, anything is possible.

 Things to consider: If you have organised to play with the masseuses its best to designate a hand of yours to each masseuse and let them manage your package. It’s also necessary to consider refreshing contraception between ladies if it does get fully heated.

Being Prepared:

 The last thing you would want to happen is to be so enthused during your experience the half an hour to an hour you have booked is not enough. You’re going to be left wanting more, and the last thing you’ll want to do is to have to leave and come back. So come prepared, ensure you book enough time for yourself and even bring extra in case you decide you want more. I would recommend booking a minimum of an hour so there is enough teasing and play.  If you're concerned you're going to get over-excited, you could prepare with some self-play before coming in to ensure you last longer.

Setting your expectations:

 You may have something, in particular, you want to see or feel an area you particularly enjoy being teased on, or one specific way you like to be stroked… Please do yourself a favour and let your ladies know! While ladies can read your body, they can’t read your mind. It may be fun to try and figure it out, but if you do want the maximum amount out of your experience its best, to be honest! Whether its a straight-up “I enjoy my nipples tickled,” or “after I cum I love a head massage.”

Communicating your fantasy or fetish!

 Do you have a dream you want to play out, or maybe a particular fetish - such as appreciating a woman's feet? If you do, I would definitely advise communicating this to your masseuses before deciding. Remember, some women have the most ticklish feet, while other ladies adore a foot massage, therefore, it’s best to mention any particulars. Don’t be shy! While it may be confronting to tell a stranger what your innermost desires are, it’s nothing more than a new experience to ladies who enjoy giving pleasure. If you need anything, in particular, to enjoy yourself bring it along.

 If you are set on having a double massage just mentioning it in passing can make it a reality. Don’t let your fantasy remain a fantasy for another day when you can make it happen within the hour. 4 hands - Double Trouble is a treat for anyone to enjoy, especially those who like the extra attention!

Lexi, xx


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