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History of Nuru

The Past  

 The practice of Nuru massage originated from the Japanese and can be traced to the word “Nuru Nuru” which is translated into "slippery/smooth". When laws changed in 1956, sex workers continued their jobs by selling both sensual massages and bathing their clients, giving birth to Nuru massages and renaming the red light district “Soaplands.” Sex work was defined as “intercourse with an unspecified person in exchange for payment”. Leaving conversation, dancing, bathing, massage and (at the time) oddly enough oral and anal as legal services. Even today in Japan the sale of non-coital services are key to remaining legal in the adult industry.
Read more about the History of Nuru Nuru the “New” Erotic Massage.

 A Typical Japanese Experience

 At Soaplands can be focused on the Nuru massage, incorporate it or ignore it completely. It begins with bathing and often even a blowjob to get your first load out of the way. Next you will move to the Nuru massage and be covered in the gel and of course the masseuse, the massage can be a 20-minute massage or longer, and can then focus more into a sensual massage, from feather light to the whole weight masseuses body. Some will walk on your back, others will play in the spa, often stories outline another blowjob or a sexual act, with others ending in a skilled handjob. After another wash with the masseuse men can be offered a green tea while dressing before heading to their shoes.

 Becoming a Global Trend

 After world war 2 Japanese culture began spreading around the world, with innovative technologies and global interest in their traditional culture people began flocking there for both business and pleasure. Travellers could enjoy the Nuru massage which was at this point still unique to Japanese culture. As individuals returned home they longed for the full body touch of a Nuru massage, with many finding similarities in the Body Slide massage. The internet facilitated this flourishing of sexual culture in every aspect. Soon more and more people were seeking Nuru massage in their local area and service providers have begun to cater.

 My Experiences

 Finally, it has made its way to Sydney, and I find more and more men asking me to perform Nuru massage. I personally have no training other than what I’ve seen in porn and through the web, however with my can-do attitude I tried it out.  I found it to be quite a lot of fun, and a bit of a workout! At first, I was a little hesitant I might slip off the table but after getting the hang of it I figured out how to slide all the way up the body from the back all the way down to their feet.

 The Future: Finding Nuru in Sydney

 If you can’t find a Nuru provider that appeals to your tastes I can assure you your best bet is finding an erotic masseuse. If you specifically ask for more Body Slides during an erotic massage you’re going to find a girl who is comfortable enough to try it out in the future.  Read more about finding Japanese Nuru Massage in Sydney.

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