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Japanese Nuru Massage in Sydney

Japanese Nuru Massage in Sydney

  Where can I find a Japanese Nuru Massage in Sydney? While Nuru is popular online, its spread through Sydney hasn’t been as rapid. There are many erotic massage parlours, yet finding a lady who has real experience in Nuru, let alone training, maybe a hunt.  Many erotic masseuses will say they don’t usually perform Nuru massage, are not confident or have no idea. There are women out there, however, hidden in parlours all over who are willing to try new things. If you have patience and are set on a lady, ask your desired masseuse to try it out with you. Learning is part of the process and experience with a novice can be quite fun as you could watch videos for some ideas or she could try out yoga poses while massaging you. It's really as fun as a slip and slide to give a Nuru massage. Michelle's, Nirvana, and RPM are equipped with the gel, however, there is not a bed so adjustments must be made to ensure safety on the massage table. Erotic masseuses are experts at body slides who understand how to use different pressures and slides to seduce and entice. As with all erotic massages, it's not about the end orgasm, but the sensual and erotic journey on the way there. If you want to try it out at home with your lover or even on an outcall, here are some things you will need to have prepared.

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How can I do it at home?

 If you're in the position where you and your partner want to try out Nuru massage for yourself, I’d suggest watching some porn for demonstration and of course to get you both in the mood. But don’t jump the gun already and get to the end, take your time, enjoy each other’s bodies. Slip and slide around, have fun and if you suck at it maybe just wrestle for a bit ;)

What you will need:

  • A shower and soap close by to begin and end with.
  • A blow-up mattress is recommended or even a large kiddy pool.
  • If you’re using your bed place a protective plastic sheet over a few pillows for comfort.
  • Nuru/Nori gel:  you can get this from your local sex shop or ask the masseuse to bring a bottle. You can use any oil or gel to recreate the experience if you can’t access Nuru gel.
  • A bowl of hot water or a microwave to heat the gel up. Place some warm water in a bowl with Nuru gel to keep warm and change the texture to desired consistency.
  • To microwave: remove the silver seal before microwaving or you're calling the firefighter in your underwear. Heat 250ml of Nuru for 30 seconds and shake vigorously. Test before applying.
  • Boiling water: Boil water and remove from heat. Place Nuru gel in the pot for a few minutes, shake and test.
  • A bowl of hot water to heat up gel and to change the consistency to preferred texture.
  • Be warned!! These products don’t work well with latex/condoms. Check the bottles or have a shower together before doing more. Alternatively, end the massage with a handjob and after washing, enjoy round 2!
  • A whole lot of energy, maybe get your girl to skip arm day and give you a massage instead?

How to do it:

  • Have the receiver lie on their stomach and get comfortable.
  • Use your arms to support your weight as you glide over your lover.
  • Switch directions to keep things interesting, switch from sliding/grinding on their leg to their back and massage the opposite part.
  • Release your weight onto your lovers to build pressure.
  • Become feather-light by hovering just above their skin allowing your nipple and curves of your body to tantalise your lover's skin.  
  • Nibble, kiss or suck almost anywhere to increase sensitivity.
  • Don’t be afraid to try out some massage techniques, from standing on your lover’s back to therapeutic or cupping massage.
  • Flip on to your back and begin again.
  • After building up enough anticipation use both your body and your hands to bring your lover to ecstasy.
  • If you’re going to go further wipe off excess gel or oil and have a shower.

Remember to have fun and take turns! You might feel funny doing some movements, but trust me, your lover is going to go crazy for it.

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Call up any one of our parlours Nirvana, at Michelle's, RPM and ask for a Japanese Nuru Massage in Sydney today!
Lexi, xx


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