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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     Memoirs of A Young Rakehill was published in 1907 & written by surrealist poet Guillaume Apollinaire. The book became wildly popular, especially in France where they were already used to such writings, having come after the works of de Sade. It has been in circulation ever since & was even used as a seduction aid in it’s time.

     The book is set in provincial France, in the large family holiday home of a pubescent teenage boy named Roger. Roger is at the height of his teenage sexual prowess & is keen to experiment with all in the vicinity. He narrates the scenes in great detail especially his exploits. Some of the scenarios & his adventures are simply absurd & some might even find them crude. In the book Roger plays the little hero in pursuit of every kind of debauchery. Throughout his journey he goes on to discover the meaning of “onanism” which leads to the further discovery of the devilishness of “coitus”. His obsessiveness with attempting to bed every single living female in the house or near-by properties, are by nature incestuous. Roger first experiences the sheer ecstasy of orgasm after his first masturbation, the feeling was indescribable. He then goes on to pursue further sexual deviancies & due to the rural setting is able to go about his wicked ways undisturbed.

     Roger whilst only a teen, has true sexual deviant tendencies due to his lack of experience & wanton desires. He goes on to watch his sister & aunt in undress which only fuel the ache in his groin. Roger spies on his aunt in various stages of inappropriate conduct with a servant girl as well as peeping on the servant girls bathing & playing with one another. He is even turned on by one of the girls urinating in front of him. There’s every kind of sexual exploit in this book, Rogers thirst for carnal pleasures goes completely unchecked & the more he sees, the more he wants. His conquests subsequently all become pregnant to the boy wonder.

     Now in this day & age we could hardly condone such behaviour, particularly the incest. But if you just look at the book for what it is, a sheer absurdity & almost dreamlike, then we could go on to forgive some of its cruder & distasteful points. We have to remember the time in which the book was written & the fact that France was going through its own obsession with pornography & erotica. Despite its moral implications the book truly did & has reached cult status. I highly recommend reading it, whilst I found it bizzare to begin with, I was in love with it by the time I put it down.


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