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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


Sydney women used to always complain about the shortage of men on the dating scene, well now there’s a shortage of younger women in the scene looking for love. So what are they doing that they no longer want a partner, in the conventional sense anyway? There’s a trend sweeping Sydney, arranged relationships, kind of friends with benefits, financial benefits that is. Sugar Baby sites are popping up in our city & they’ve taken off like a fever!

So what is a Sugar Baby? A Sugar Baby is a young lady looking for a mutually beneficial relationship with a wealthy man. Most times the relationship is a sexual one but not necessarily always based on sex. Companionship is also a major factor for Sugar Daddies looking for a Sugar Baby. Wealthy businessmen who are in search of a young & attractive lady to spend time with are willing to pay a lot for the right girl. Unlike a Sugar Daddy site where men get to select their criteria, on a Sugar Baby site it’s the lady who gets to decide who she wants to actually meet up with, so the power is definitely in her court. There are a lot of benifits for a Sugar Baby to get into a relationship with a wealthy cultured businessman, whether it be a casual affair or a long term arrangement. Firstly she gets firsthand mentorship & inside advice on aspects of business & life she may not otherwise receive. Secondly, the financial side allows them to have a lifestyle which is usually beyond their means. I mean some of them get to travel to places that we can only dream of & if they happen to be students what better way to pay for your tuition than seeing a wealthy man, all while you Jetset around the globe & have fun!

I realise some people would see this venture as nothing more than glorified prostitution, & maybe it is, but who is anyone to judge a young single female who is in the prime of her life doing whatever it is she sees fit with her own body & time. You certainly wouldn’t be able to achieve half the things you can being a Sugar Baby if you were working as a waitress or in retail. Personally I think it’s a fabulous opportunity to obtain a wealth of knowledge & personal growth. As I said it’s not all about the sex even though sex is a factor. As an older man who has a high profile, high stress job, why wouldn’t you want to spend your time with a hot young thing? And hey just because you buy her whatever she wants & pay her rent of bills, doesn’t mean the relationship wouldn’t be mutually pleasurable.

There are all types of agreements made between a Sugar Baby & her daddy. Some just want to meet a lady for dinner just once. Some will want to meet several times before they make up their mind as to whether they are compatible with the lady. After they both decide on the go ahead, the financial aspect comes into play, they’ll then agree on terms. Sometimes on the ladies profile on the site she’ll actually have financial terms on there, stating how much money or assets she requires before she's even willing to get out of bed, sounds a tad pretty woman doesn’t it! And why not, there are so many men opting to choose an ongoing mutually beneficial arrangement as opposed to a one time shag in a brothel. As new age men start realising that there’s more to life than sex, they come into their own understanding of what their emotional needs are.

Now I’m not saying that there aren’t complications even in an arrangement such as this, there are. There is always the chance of misunderstandings, complications & broken hearts when you spend any length of time with someone on such a personal level. Some of the gentlemen are married so of course conflict can arise if they develop feelings for their Sugar Baby & vice versa. When you’re seeing someone on a weekly basis it would be difficult for some kind of tender feelings not to surface. But just like any relationship, especially one like this, it’s about boundaries & establishing ground rules from the get go, laying it all out on the table from the word go. Maybe just try to keep it on the fun side & try not to get too serious, easier said than done sometimes I know.

So this is the life of a Sugar Baby. Sex, money, travel & pleasurable company. If I was still in my @20’s I’d totally sign up to one of the sites. I’ve had my fair share but it was never this easy, so good on you girls for grabbing the bull by the horns or balls, & living the life you choose.


Love Lexi XXX