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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     Don’t get the wrong end of the stick now by thinking that puppy & pony play involves live animals of any kind, because it doesn’t! So in the realm of BDSM, puppy & pony play is a fetish where people get dressed & geared up in puppy or pony wear & act like animals. Of course it’s not only limited to those two animals because there are people who get dressed up as cats & all types of animals, even mythical creatures. It’s basically animal play, just people who like to dress up as animals. Some go from basic dress ups to something very elaborate, spending thousands of dollars on an outfit.

     Now I am personally into puppy play & I have been both a top & a bottom, I prefer being a bottom (a submissive) for two reasons, I don’t like being ridden & I love dogs. Believe it or not both puppy & pony gear can be extremely erotic & very elaborate. Don’t confuse what I’m describing with people who dress up as fury animals, like mascots, those people are called Furries. No this play is all about the latex, leather & hardware! Some of us are into a bit of fun & some into very strict discipline. People who are into the pony scene are able to get a little more involved & their scenes a bit more in depth simply because their gear tends to be more complex. Both plays can be sexual in nature but not necessarily, it can also have a nurture factor to it. It obviously depends on the players. Some people just appreciate the play side, getting pats & rubs, rewarded for good behaviour & playing with toys. Others love the experience of humiliation & discipline. You can end up going all out buying treats, toys, houses & doggy beds just like you would with a real pet. Now I know this may sound strange to some but let me give you a visual to think about. I dare any man or woman to not be turned on by this.

     If you can imagine a woman clad in latex dressed as a puppy, every inch of her body exposed whilst enveloped in sleek wax like material. Nothing is hidden, her nipples erect & strapped by a harness. Her body elongated by the pose she strikes on all fours as she paws at your feet. The suppleness of her bottom ready for a pat or a spank depending on her behaviour.

     Or how about a pony geared up in leather, breasts heaving from the tight fitting harness, horse bit at the mouth while she throws her head back & shakes her full mane. She rears up on her hooves in all her finery & groans in pleasure as she enjoys the sensation of her but plug that acts as her tail.

     What about a man draped in latex, every single rippling muscle visible under the glistening sheath of rubber. Huge cock exposed between his thighs all at your service while you sit on his back riding him.

      Interest you at all, well if it does there are plenty of sites you can visit to learn all about pet or animal play. Trust me it’s addictive!


Love Lexi XXX