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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     When I was growing up, every Christmas I would notice how many solitary & lonely people would walk around aimlessly with sad expressions on their faces. My heart always ached for them, thinking of how incredibly wretched & woeful this time of year must be for them.

     It came to a certain point in my life when I ended up alone & dejected for the Christmas holidays too. I was alone more so by choice as opposed to anything else. By that stage I was a fully-fledged working girl with a successful career in the sex industry. I remember one Christmas the parlour I worked for decided to stay open on Christmas Day & asked if I could work. Hey, it wasn’t as if I was doing anything anyway so I thought, why not try to make some money.

     So Chrissie day came & I was all dressed up in my Santa’s Little Helper outfit. I wasn’t expecting much to happen to be honest but I thought about all those lonely & alone men out there with nobody else to share their day with. The hours were ticking by slowly & with only the internet to keep me company, I was becoming disheartened & sorrowful, until the intercom rang. The receptionist called me up to the front desk & told me about a very regular client who rang up & had a special request. She said he wanted to spend the day with a lady, a normal Christmas Day. Apparently his wife had passed away some time ago & his grown up kids were just money hungry leeches who had basically abandoned him so he was completely alone. I kind of laughed & asked what his version of lonely was? She said he’d offered to come in to speak to me first, why not right! Thirty minutes later Alan was sitting in the waiting room. He was adorable, in his 60’s, short back & sides, polo shirt & chinos. I could tell he was feeling anxious so did my best to put him at ease. I told him I would be delighted to spend the day with him, seeing that we we’re both alone anyway we could keep each other company. He was so happy & excited, almost like a little kid waiting on edge to open his presents. I then asked what he had planned for us & he just said it was a surprise, here we go I thought! He must have noticed the change in expression on my face because he was quick to jump in & say “oh nothing like that, but I do have a request”. He asked if I could take my make-up off as he wanted me to feel completely comfortable & relaxed. Hell, that suited me just fine. So I chucked my day clothes on & off we went in his car to his place. It was a beautiful home, far too large for one person . We went inside & on the kitchen table was an array of seafood, salads & sweets. I was thoroughly impressed & slightly confused, naturally I was thinking I’d come over for a fuck. Alan gave me a cheeky smile & said he had a confession. He said he had spent the past seven years alone on Christmas Day, this year however he had a phone call from the parlour receptionist telling him we were open. They knew of his circumstances being a regular & all & had told him of a lovely lady who was spending Christmas alone also. So as we were both in need of some company maybe he’d like to come & see me. So instead he had arranged for some lunch to be delivered to his place & he even went to the trouble of getting all my favourite treats, yep they knew me well at the brothel. Alan was more excited than I was & it made me want to burst into tears. I gave him a huge hug & said I wish I had known because I would have gotten him something.

     So the plan was to hang out by the pool & have a lovely bite of food. We talked so much, Alan was such an interesting person it was so easy to be around him. We gorged ourselves on seafood & pastries & lay in the sun, we went for a skinny dip like two teenagers, it was the best Christmas I’d had in a long while. I honestly forgot about the time & I also forgot I had a job to do, so I started to seduce Alan but he put a hand on my face & told me that’s not what he wanted. The moment was so personal I won’t even mention what was said but we didn’t end up having sex but we snuggled in each others arms. I’d spent the whole day there & it was wonderful, I almost didn’t want to leave. As night fell it was time for me to go but before Alan drove me back he went into one of the rooms & brought out a gift wrapped box. He said he hadn’t bought anyone a gift since his wife died & thought he might start up the tradition again. He made me open It in front of him & this time I did cry. Inside was a black pearl pendant attached to a white gold chain. Alan had bought a piece of jewellery for his wife every year for the holidays & he wanted to see what it felt like to give a lady a little treasure to make her smile, I smiled.

     Everyone thinks being a working girl is all about sex, it isn’t. We give so much more than the physical, we care, we love, we energise. We are simply so much more to some people than anyone could imagine & at the same time I have to say I love what I do, so many of my clients have made an impact in my life & I am grateful for that. That day with Alan was the start of a tradition & even though I now have a partner to spend Christmas with, I always spend half the day with Alan. We buy each other gifts, my jewellery collection is now extensive. Sometimes we go out on his boat, sometimes we stay at his place & yes we did end up having sex eventually but that’s beside the point. The point is that everyone needs someone to love & everyone needs to feel validated as a human being, we all need company & that’s why I do what I do. It’s Christmas & I’m a very happy pro!


I won’t say who this happy pro is but I’m honoured to have her write for me & then use her story….thank you my lovely happy pro!


Love Lexi XXX