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     After that weekend things went on as usual between us, I asked Adam many times what was happening with the divorce & he seemed to shrug the subject off, I just took it as a stressful time for him, divorces usually are. By this stage I had told my husband about the affair & wanting a divorce, he was confused & sad, I felt horrendous about the whole thing but I didn’t love him anymore. His attitude made things even worse because he was just resigned to his fate, he told me he loved me so much that all he wanted was my happiness & if leaving him was what would give it to me, then he would just have to accept it. My heart ached for him but I felt so right about Adam & I moving forward

      Months went by with no word from Adam about his divorce, in fact things changed dramatically between us. We saw less & less of each other, always him making the excuses. He became cold towards me, we only saw each other once in a while & even the sex wasn’t as it once was. Often he would yell at me then apologise afterwards blaming it on work stress or tension at home over the divorce. Whenever I asked what was happening he would tell me things were more complicated than I could know. It turned into a really horrible work environment not just for me but I could see it wasn’t easy for Adam either. He spent less time at work & even took many days off. Eventually I stopped seeing him, he got fired & I left my job. People had started to notice the tension between us & I’m sure some of them had figured out we were having an affair. My husband & I parted ways but after this whole thing with Adam died down we started talking again. After all that I had put him through he still loved me & you know what I realised I still loved him. He was the complete opposite off Adam, kind, generous, loyal & very forgiving. We are trying to give it another go, I’m so grateful for the chance to make amends, to start again knowing where I went wrong. What I learnt afterwards was that Adam never spent any time with his kids or wife, he worked all the time & obviously I’m also to blame as I knew of his domestic situation, he was an absent husband & father & I have to live with that for the rest of my life. My only complaint was that my husband worked a lot & the sex wasn’t as aggressive as it could have been. Well, what I learnt was that I was running from something that all couples deal with & what would have happened if Adam & I got married, he would have been an absent husband just like the one I thought my husband was. How stupid of me!

     I now know how blessed I was & am, my husband has been incredible, he has forgiven me wholeheartedly even if I haven’t forgiven myself & he has been trying so hard meet all my wishes when it comes to our sex life. I guess the moral of this story is the grass isn’t always greener & maybe try a little harder to make things work before you run from a situation you thought was that bad, maybe it isn’t so bad after all, maybe it’s you who have the problem.


From Anon.


Just a huge that you to the woman who was brave enough to share her story with us!

Published By Sexy Lexi