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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     Two years ago I was a happily married newlywed. I worked for a very well-known PR Firm & was the personal assistant to the GM. I loved my job, all the functions & jet-setting. We handled PR for a lot of famous people who my boss knew on a first name basis, everybody loved him. I’d always been in awe of him, he just had the gift of the gab & was exceptionally good at what he did. My husband had just got promoted & I was well aware that we wouldn’t be spending as much time with each other as I’d liked as he was trying to prove himself to the legal firm he worked for. He always took my feelings into consideration before he made any decisions that would affect me & our relationship. So before he took the promotion we talked & he reassured me that all he’d be doing was for our future, all the time apart would only benefit us in the end & I was ok with it, at first.

     We we’re high school sweethearts, together since year 10 & we were very much in love. My husband is funny, compassionate, caring, warm, hard-working & above all loyal. Up until the point we got married we were inseparable, we did everything together which is what made things really hard when he started his new role. I really thought it wouldn’t affect me so much, I mean love would conquer all right? Wrong.

     There are certain times of year where my firm’s services are required more than others & as a result, there were usually lots of parties to follow the success. My boss, who I’ll call Adam, was aware of my situation at home, not that it was a situation at the time but he knew of the fact that my hubby often worked late. So he started asking me to join him at some of the parties, said we could mix business with pleasure & rationalised me coming with him as doing me a favour at the same time so that I didn’t have to endure lonely nights by myself. Why not, I’m bored, lonely, my man’s working & I wanted to have some fun, so I agreed.

     So I went to many functions with him & each & every time everything was above board, just business as usual. One evening we went to a huge event & as it was just before the public holiday, we thought it would be ok to drink a little more than usual. I had a fabulous night, Adam was charming & attentive. I hadn’t been seeing much of my husband at this point & when I did everything seemed mechanical, even the sex. After the party Adam said we had to stop by the office before he took me home to grab some paperwork for the holiday. So up we went, when we got into his office he offered me a final night cap. I was dressed in a skin tight dress that night & he started to compliment me on how amazing I looked in it. I suppose looking back we were both flirting with one another & I won’t lie & say I didn’t like the attention. I was standing by the desk, facing away from him, I don’t remember what I was doing but I sure as hell remember what came next. He came up behind me, stood to the side of my body & whispered that he knew I wasn’t wearing any underwear, he slowly traced his finger up my thigh & hooked his finger under my dress & pulled it up. I didn’t protest, I wanted it, I wanted him, I wanted some passion, some heat. He bent me over the table & lifted my dress over my ass & started fingering my clit, I was aching for him to fuck me with his fingers & he did, he slipped his fingers into my cunt & fucked me till I came. He wouldn’t let me turn around, he kept my head down on the desk but I could feel the warmth of his cock against my ass as he smacked me with it, I remember the sound of his jerking off to the s rhythm of his fingers inside me, he came over me. Surprisingly there was no awkwardness afterwards, he drove me home & we said good night. I suppose we both knew this was the beginning of something.


By Anon

Published By Sexy Lexi.