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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     When I used to think off swinger’s parties, images of slightly cheesy, let it all hang out, retro music blasting, house parties in the 80’s & 90’s. Well that image is so outdated to today’s new wave swinger’s parties. Today’s swinger’s parties are certainly not your average kind of sex crazed get together. Think more along Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 flick, Eyes Wide Shut. Think glamour & mystique, intrigue & power. That’s right folks, Sydney’s swinger’s scene is all grown up!

     In the last decade Sydney has seen an increase in private swinger’s party ventures. These parties are not your average, they are high profile, intensely mysterious & incredibly secretive venues which are run more like a business. Now, even back in the day unless you were going to a swinger’s club, you would need to have a recommendation by someone in the scene to attend a party. Today however, it’s high security all the way. You either need a referral or you need an invitation. You are screened by the host or hostess beforehand & when I say screened I mean scrutinised. Every detail of your life is reviewed, your job, your family background, your assets & especially your looks. Money & looks is what gets you through the doors of some of the most elite swinger’s clubs in Australia. In a sense it is completely understandable, as a host or hostess you are responsible for your guest’s safety & enjoyment so checking out your playmates Is a natural requirement. The thing is some of these venues have taken their participant requirements to the extreme. They have waiting lists that can have a wait time of up to one year as the parties are usually held quarterly. Some also demand a resume & just like a medical specialist, ask for 1 plus referrals. If you don’t have the look or the cash, then it’s a no go zone. Occasionally they may break their own rules when it comes to someone famous, known in a particular circle or exceptionally wealthy. Then & only then may the rules lax a bit.

     With all that said, as you can imagine there is a hefty member’s fee & when you think of what the expenses are to put one of these spectacles on, well it’s totally justified. These lavish sexual affairs are usually held in the most glamourous of locations with hosts & hostesses hiring huge multi-million dollar homes as the venue. Luxury cars are hired to pick guests up, catering companies supply gourmet delicacies, rooms are decked out in all manner of debaucherous implements, some even provide beauticians & stylists for their guests. No expense is spared, it is truly a lifestyle for the rich & richer. Occasionally there are even VIP trips, yes even the VIP’S have VIP’S, parties that are held in secret holiday like locations which can go on for days.

     It all sounds so incredibly glam & appealing doesn’t it, well it is, up to a certain extent. Like anything, these elite swinger’s clubs have their downfalls too. Because these are very private affairs things can happen & go down that are a little unsavoury. There have been some rumours of sexual assaults & molestation which don’t go on to be reported & are simply hushed up. The worst of the worst would have to be allegations of child or human trafficking occurring, but hey, you can buy anything right?! Also as we have a huge drug culture in Sydney it’s obvious that when there’s sex & parties there’s also copious amounts of drug consummation & extremely inebriated & powerful people can lose control of themselves. Not all venues are like this though, some are so aware of the issues they absolutely prohibit any use of drugs & provide onsite security to give guests the optimum feeling of safety. Personally if I were at one of these elite parties I would definitely want the security.

     So what a transformation Sydney’s swinger’s scene has seen since I worked at a swinger’s club. Glamourous homes, high profile individuals, boat loads of cash & hot humans all roaming around in Venetian masks on bondage leads, that sounds like my idea of pure heaven!!


Love Lexi XXX