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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     It sounds pretty simple doesn’t it, two people acting out their fantasy. And the reality is, that most times it is. But the people who take sexual role-play seriously can really create themselves very interesting story lines, weaving in lots of twists & turns playing with  elaborate plots.

     SexualLy role-play is a fetish that most of us come across at least once in our sexual lives, you know how the story goes. Couple get a little bored, want to try something a bit different & decide on playing the role-play game. Maybe it’s just the naughty secretary getting caught stealing, or the cheeky nurse & patient doing something inappropriate behind the doctors back. The schoolgirl & her teacher of tutor is an oldie but a goodie still used with frequency all over the world though considered very politically incorrect. These days though people are getting very creative using all manner of inspiration. Inspiration such as their favourite movie, video game, Anime or cartoons & even TV commercials. It seems a few naughty rehearsed lines during sex just isn’t enough anymore & people are choosing to get much more daring.

     I’ve known couples who love to go to the gym & use that as the basis of a plot. Pretending to accidentally meet at the gym, not knowing one another & ensuing in a cat & mouse game during their session ending in a bit of exhibitionism when they find themselves in a quiet corner with enough privacy to grope one another. Wives or husbands pretending to be delivery people going into their better halves private offices at work. Shutting the door behind them a very specific dialogue begins, maybe some indecent banter but with always the same result, heated & risqué touching & teasing with the possibility of a quick suck or lick & flick & if really lucky, a good hard fuck on the desk or floor. It’s always exhilarating to leave your co-conspirators office looking slightly dishevelled & quick of breath. There are people who are into fantasy films who use the movies & cosplay as their inspiration, taking it all the way to the woods to play elves & fairies…hmm, I’m not sure bark chafing on my arse is my kind of thing but hey, each to their own. Or how about the guy who’s a chef, during prep hours before service he comes in extra early before the rest of his staff & his girlfriend pops in unannounced pretending to be the health inspector. And inspect she does, all the way down his pants in the pantry then onto the prep table for a bit of hide the sausage. Don’t cringe because I’m pretty positive it happens, we can only hope the disinfectant is put to good use immediately afterwards & if not, well a bit of sperm or femme juice never gave anyone food poisoning, right?

     Not all role-play leads to sexual activities though. I once had a client who came to Sydney from Melbourne to see me for a very unusual role-play request. He wanted me to dress him as a woman, the whole hog, make-up & all. Take him into the city to one of the large department stores & take him shopping, choosing everything from hosiery to make-up & perfume for him. The kick for him was seeing whether he could get away with getting into the ladies change rooms with me, naturally I wouldn’t allow him to go on his own just incase he went rogue & deviant on me. This was his sexual rush, it gave him something to go back to his hotel room & jerk off over the days events. So you see role-play isn’t always about two people acting out a sexual fantasy, it isn’t always about immediate sexual gratification. Sometimes it’s just about seeing how far you can push the boundaries. Either way it can be an incredibly exhilarating experience & one I would highly recommend trying. See how bold & adventurous you can be, just be sure it’s not something that will jeopardise others. Your fantasy should never hurt unwilling & unsuspecting individuals.


Love Lexi XXX