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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     I have only ever been to a massage parlour once & that once was enough to turn me off for quite some time, It was so cold & dismissive. The thing was that my home life wasn’t going too great so I thought I’d give it another go. I had read some good reviews about the service at a place called At Michelle’s & decided to go have a look since they said there was no obligation if I didn’t like anyone. So I called in one day after work, the receptionist was really sympathetic & obliging. I was sent to meet 3 ladies & was recommended to see one in particular.

     The lady was in a very small room which actually made me feel better because it felt warm & inviting. She was very attractive but what stood out most was how tender she was, after my first experience, this was a really pleasant surprise. We went through the formalities of payment & shower & then she lay me down on the table. She talked to me the whole time, she was really entertaining & made me laugh which put me at ease instantly. The massage was gentle & very caressing, it was soothing in a way. After a time she started to rub oil all over my body & started body sliding. Her breasts were hot on my back & I could feel her crotch rubbing on part of my legs & ass. Sometimes she would lick up my neck as she slid up, she sucked on my ear lobe & whispered horny things into my ear. It really didn’t take much to make me hard. Eventually she got off the table & stood in front of me, her pussy directly in front of my face & said I could touch her. I was still nervous & unsure, she must of read my mind because she kissed me on the cheek & told me it was ok, to just take my time, whenever I was ready. She just made me feel really comfortable. All of a sudden she slid under the table, I looked through the hole & she was fingering herself & telling me to watch. It was fascinating because I could watch her from so many different angles, the mirror under her exposed her pink asshole & just from that my cock started to drip. She noticed & started to massage my balls with her free hand then moved to stroking my cock spitting on it for added lubrication. Thankfully she stopped before I could come because I just wanted the feeling to last forever! When she crawled out from under the table she purposefully took her time allowing me to have a really good look at her pink wet bits in the mirror before she stood up & asked me to roll over.

     She stood at the head of the table again then straddled my head & started sliding her breasts down my torso & onto my cock. Hovering over them she rested on her elbows & clamped my hard on between her full soft mounds & tit fucked me, I’d seen this move in a porno but so much better to feel the real thing. I was scared I’d come in her face but she stopped in time again. She slid further down & her pussy was on top of my cock, she made it seem like she was going to sit on it holding my shaft just under her slit but not actually touching. I know I’ve got a girlfriend but in the moment I just wanted her to slam her pussy onto my dick! It didn’t happen, instead she swung back around to face me planting kisses all over my face & sweet talking. Her hand reached out as she sat up to pull me upright with her. We ended up sitting facing each other & she started playing with herself again, fingering herself slowly at first then furiously while I gawked. After she orgasmed she told me to play with her slit while she jerked me off, I stopped her & asked her if she would be ok with giving me a blow job. You see my girlfriend doesn’t like giving head & she definitely won’t do deep throat. I asked if she did deep throat & was told it would cost more than the usual price for a blowjob which I was fine with. This girl was so flexible, still in a sitting position with her legs hanging over the sides she bent her head down & swallowed my cock whole, I could feel her throat constrict around my shaft. Her tongue flicked at my knob as she moved her head up & down. She had some serious technique. My balls were being fondled while she sucked me off & then she did something unexpected, she started to slowly play with my asshole. I was pretty shocked because I’d never had anyone play with my ass but she was gentle & teasing. Maybe because I didn’t stop her she went a bit further & spat on her finger & inserted it a tiny bit. I felt partially uncomfortable, partially extremely aroused. The aroused part of me won & I blew down her throat soon after she started playing with me. The feeling of my cock throbbing down her tight throat was unexplainable, it made me crave the same experience afterwards. We still had some time left but maybe out of embarrassment I chose to leave, I ended up with another raging hard on as I drove home & jerked off in the shower while my girlfriend slept. I’ve been back to see the same girl a number of times & each time she surprises me with something new to blow my mind! I’m so glad I decided to give massage parlours another go because it’s given me back my sanity!


From Anon


Well, it seems this guy had an amazing time didn’t he… wink wink!

Love Lexi XXX