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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     I fell in love with the idea of spanking from the very first moment I read The Marquis de Sade, sure I wasn’t interested in going the full hog & allowing myself to be beaten, but never the less it intrigued me. It took me a number of years to move past a slight slap on the buttocks & onto something slightly more adult. For me spanking is not about aggression but more of anticipation, demand, wanton abandonment of my sexual urges. The sense of teasing & playfulness of a spank really seems to appeal to many people. I think it’s an act of utter desire when someone spanks you, it’s an indication of their urgent lust for you. Anytime there’s been spanking in my bedroom the sex has always been utterly incredible..

     Of course there are people who take spanking to a whole other level when they enter the realm of Bondage & Discipline. In those cases there are always safe guards with particular safe words & everything is done consensually between two or more adults. The pleasure of pain is nothing new, across the centuries we have found ourselves gluttons for a bit of pain here & there & it’s natural that pain tolerances increase & your desire for pain can escalate to new heights. Everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to tools of spanking, I for one love the paddle, the dull thud on buttocks ending in a searing pain is simply delicious. Others prefer hands, the obvious with both is that you should know how to do it correctly otherwise it can be quit painful & it’s not supposed to be that kind of painful that it turns you off. You should also know which erogenous zones can be submitted to a spanking  because clearly you can’t just go willy nilly slapping someone anywhere & everywhere.

     So what are some of the erogenous zones then, well the buttocks are the most common place obviously. The back of the thighs cause an arousing reaction between your thighs, a slap of the back when someone is laying on top of you could also be considered an erogenous zone. Light spanking or slapping of nipples if you can manage it since they’re such a small target. Then we come to the face. Now spanking or slapping should I say someones face is a pretty intimate thing to do, it’s certainly not for some. I’d say you really need to know someone & feel safe & secure with them before you endeavour to down this route. I’m going to give you a scenario & maybe you can gauge in your own sex life when might be the appropriate time to do this. Naturally you might want to speak to your lover or partner about this beforehand but the element of surprise makes for a more intense fuck!


     They’d spent days fucking, they barely left the house. They were exhausted but there was some lingering arousal left in them. Something needed to spark the resurgence of lust as they had done everything they had wanted to do to each other & more, but what to do. Naked, perspiring & hungry, she stands up & grabs his hand & pulls him up off the couch. She virtually slings him over to the closed bedroom door & pushes him against it. On her knees she devours his cock, his balls & his arse all while she has his hands pinned to the door. His phallus reacted appropriately but she could see in his eyes that he was waning from exhaustion. This made her furious & she wasn’t going to give up easily in attempting to squeeze every last bit of juice from him. She stood up, grabbed his face & kissed him hard on the mouth, biting & sucking his lower lip. Then she slammed him back against the door & slapped him hard on the cheek, he was roused & startled but the effect was there. His cock grew harder as she yelled at him to fuck her in the arse & fuck her hard. She could see in his eyes he was astounded, angered but most iof all lustful. He slapped her back, grabbed her hair & spun her around, bending her over to expose her pink bits, she was sopping wet which was only an even greater encouragement. With her arsehole exposed & her pussy glistening he did what he was told to do, he fucked her hard up the arse while spanking her rosy cheeks. The orgasm that ensued was as you can imagine explosive!!!

     So there’s the perfect scenario for a bit of spanking, what do you think, is it for you, could you indulge in a little pleasurable pain? Well you might as well try, how could it hurt?!


Love Lexi XXX