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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     Now I’m sure you’re thinking handcuffs or leather goods when I mention restraints & naturally they are a very popular sex tool, but I’m thinking more along the sensual side of restraints. Don’t get me wrong I love a bit of bondage & simply adore leather play things but I think there’s a far softer side to playing with a bit of tie me up games. Using restraints on your lover doesn’t have to be aggressive & I find using them ultra-sensual. There are so many items you could use to tie someone up & it’s the perfect way to really prolong foreplay. Think silks, stockings & ties, even lace underwear or garter belts can be used.

     Let me give you an example shall I? So your husband gets home from a long day at work, he’s tired & drained but geez he looks so darned sexy in his suit & tie. You’re dressed in your nanna robe but what he doesn’t know is you’re dressed to the nines in lacy lingerie underneath. You sit him down & get on your knees to take his shoes off for him, then you start to strip his clothes off. You leave his tie till last & when you do get to it take it off slowly & seductively & tie his hands up, better yet if you tie him up to something. Once you’ve secured him take your robe off, stand in front of him in all your splendidly sensual glory, let him soak you up with his eyes. Dance as you take your clothes off & when you get to your stockings, take them off & gag him with them. Now you’ve got him where you want him you can absolutely devour him, drink in his scent, taste him. Lick him all over, only take out the gag when you want to kiss him, tease him with your tongue, let him have it then take it away & re-gag him. Occasionally undo one of his hands & guide it between your thighs, slip one of his fingers into your moist slit. Once you’ve had almost enough, slip his finger into your mouth then plant a kiss on him letting him taste your overflowing lust. Under no circumstances allow him to try to touch you unless you desire it. Blindfold him with your garter, that way he can only see glimpses of what you’re doing through the lace. Now that his eyes are also restrained you can move onto some more tantalising. Let him feel your breath around his crotch, give his balls gentle flicks with your tongue, give him one hard lick on his knob then walk away. Walk away for a good length of time but not too long, just long enough to torture him & peak his interest further. When you return place a small vibrator in his mouth & sit on his face, fuck it, glide on it, rub your swollen clit on your buzzing plaything, let yourself overflow all over his mouth allowing the stocking to soak up the juices, giving him something to taste as you slide down his chest, to his swollen cock.

     The rest I’ll leave up to you imagination…hehe, I’m sure you’ll think of something. So what do you think of restraints now?


Love Lexi XXX