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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     Cross dressing is not an uncommon fetish, in fact many men have dressed as women throughout history. Cross dressing is rife throughout Greek Mythology as well as many others. When Hercules was given to Omphale as a slave in punishment for the murder of Iphitus, Omphale not only made him do women’s chores but made him dress as one also. Even Odin dressed as a woman as part of his efforts to seduce Rindr. During Shakespearean times women were not permitted to act, so it was always men who played the part of women on the stage dressing in drag. In Chinese & Japanese opera men are painted & dressed as women, singing in high soprano voices. So cross dressing then was really quite common.

     We often think of cross dressing as a man’s penchant but there have been many occasions throughout our modern history where women have used cross dressing as a means to make a living or gain access to places where they might otherwise not be permitted. Women who were not allowed to take part in getting an education were forced to dress as young men to make their way. During wartime some women who had lost their husbands & struggled to support their families sometimes had to dress as men to gain work as labourers. Even during the American Civil War there were a few women who dressed & fought as men. So you see cross dressing & gender bending is engrained in our society, it’s almost part of our social fabric.

     Today we think of cross dressers as gay men in drag frequenting dark smoky clubs dancing & singing to Kylie Minogue songs. In the early part of the 20th century it was women who were the ones ducking into alleyways to venture into secret clubs for lesbians who dressed as men. Women who dared venture out in public in drag with their female lovers hitting back at society for their prejudices & rhetoric. Cross dressing is very much a statement, a defiance for all that is strict & confining in this world. Some people cross dress because they may feel they were not born into the correct body & use the opposite sexes clothing as a way to cope with that. Other’s simply love the feel of women’s lingerie or the look of a shapely frock. Some men are just aroused by wearing female clothing & some women find it empowering to dress men in their clothing. Especially today where men are much more in-tune with their feminine side, it is much more accepted than it was decades ago.  The fashion industry is leading the way as far as men wearing women’s clothing is concerned, they cater to a lot of gender bending. But it is definitely the make-up industry that is leading the way forward for men who wish to display their feminine side much more prominently. Some of the world’s largest cosmetic companies are creating make-up lines just for men.

     I get it that cross dressing is still far too a radical idea for some people to grasp but perhaps we should be asking why it’s such a big deal, why it bothers people so much? Think about it, the Scott’s wear kilts, Polynesians wear sarongs, Indian & Middle eastern men wear Kaftans which are dress-like so what’s the big deal if a big gay boy wants to feel glamorous in a pink sequinned dress? It’s about time we learn to accept others for who they are not what they wear or look like, don’t you think? There’s far more important things to think about, like what handbag goes with that dress….haha.


Love Lexi XXX