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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     It had been a long week & I needed some relief, so I managed to sneak away to Nirvana. It was early in the morning, they’d just opened up so I’m guessing the girls weren’t 100% ready yet but I got to meet some of them anyway. I knocked on a few doors then one of the ladies opened her door to introduce herself. She was half dressed, no make-up, hair a bit of a mess, but she looked real cute, you know the way your girl might look after morning sex, like that. She apologised for the way she looked & said she was just getting ready & if I wanted to stay for a shower with her, I’m a nice guy so how could I say no.

     We started off in the shower, she scrubbed my back & lathered up my cock with a heap of soap. I wasn’t expecting a hand job so early on but who cares it felt amazing, she used both hands to the point that it felt like one, then she stopped, rinsed me off & got out of the shower? I asked her what happened to the rest of the job & she laughed & said “but that was just shower time, the rest comes later”. Since I was staying for a bit I got a spa, we sat & talked for a while, she was a very smart girl, knew her stuff as well as looked good dripping with sweat. I got a really good neck, head & face massage, she spoiled me like as if I was at a fancy spa. It’s when she started massaging my body that I really took notice. She made me sit at the edge of the seat while she squeezed in behind me. Then she started using her whole body to massage my back including her tits & her pussy. It was different but I liked it. She did the same with the front of my body. The way her hands played with my balls under the water along with the heat, my balls felt like they were floating on air. I was asked to lean my head back as she put one leg up on the edge placing her pussy right in my face, it’s not like I hadn’t seen it before but when a hot girl tells you to pay attention because she’s going to show you a sure fire way to make any woman cum, well you pay attention don’t you. And cum she did!

     The best bit was when she got out of the spa & grabbed a condom, I wasn’t getting any extras so kind of freaked out thinking she’d charge me for something I didn’t ask for, she must of read my mind because she said “don’t worry it’s all part of my service beautiful”. So she slipped it on & straddled me, rubbing my covered cock on her clit, it was so hard not to want to just slip it in. She had one of those asses they call bubble butts & when she turned around she spread her cheeks & placed my cock in between them, those cheeks almost sucked up my whole shlong, don’t’ get any ideas I didn’t put it in nor was I asked to. She pressed against it with her hand to hold it in place & moved up & down, I couldn’t believe how good it felt, I’d never been jerked off like that before. When she finally straddled me again she wrapped her legs around my waist real tight, geez she had some leg muscles because she didn’t let go for a while. With her legs wrapped around me she leaned back into the water & dry fucked me playing with my knob with one hand while keeping herself up with the other. It was like an acrobatic trick but fuck it did the job, now I knew what the condom was for I guess, kept my jizz out of the spa & off her face.

     I was spent after all that but she still asked if I was ok & satisfied, yes ma’am I was! The thing is I still had about 30minutes left, she could have easily kicked me out, I mean she gave me what I came for & other girls had said I could leave with time left, but she didn’t. She laid me down & massaged me & I mean a proper massage, like a qualified therapist gives, from head to toe, the foot massage was the one that made me fall asleep. When I was woken up she already had the shower going, a new towel on the side, my shoes by the table & my clothes laid out neatly on the seat. She laid my clothes in a sequence, from first to last, boxers first, then shirt, pants & socks. NEVER had I that kind of service before. She ends with helping me put my jacket on & a very tender kiss & hug, wished me a lovely weekend & a stress free week. What a girl, seriously top notch service, probably my favourite just for the way she made me feel from the moment she opened the door to the moment I got home. Yeah, what a girl!


Well thank you Mister Anonymous for that wonderfully descriptive narrative of your stay at Nirvana, it certainly sounded heavenly. Maybe I should book this girl, I wonder what she would do with me?!


Love Lexi XXX