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Lots of people work late, it’s common in this fast paced life we have. But if you are quite familiar with your partner’s job & what they do & suddenly they are working late & excessively so, then you may have to keep an eye out.


Now this could be anything, buying gifts out of the blue, offering to take you out more frequently, or offering to do things around the house that they usually have no interest in helping with.


If your partner is getting testy with you & I’m talking an out of the ordinary amount & starting arguments for arguments sake, then it could be a sign. Sometimes it’s just something going on with them that they don’t necessarily want to share, in that case it’s your job to help them & be there for them.

Cheating partners can also change the way they speak to you entirely. If there’s a sudden change in communication & they don’t want to discuss it, then it may mean that they are sharing their time with someone else & communicating better with that other person.


It’s pretty obvious there’s something going on if your partner keeps leaving the room when they get a call or turns away if they receive a text message.


Some people are fortunate to travel for work, but if it’s sudden & quite unexpected & you’re already suspicious, well, just keep an eye on their behaviour when they return. Cheating partners that travel always behave differently on their return.


Ok so not everyone has access to their partner’s accounts or have shared accounts. But if you do, just skim through the statements just to check for unusual purchases.


Listen if my husband loses a piece of clothing I’m the first to know. Men in particular are not the type to throw away clothing so if stuff starts going missing, where’s it going? It’s a bit different with women because we are constantly getting rid of stuff but if you’ve noticed she’s not wearing her favourite dress or lingerie anymore & it’s not in the closet then there’s your alarm bell because trust me no woman lends her favourite clothing to friends!


Ok so I’m one of those people whose hard to reach by phone call, I’m simply a texting kind of gal so there are others like me out there. But if you’re finding it extremely difficult to get hold of them & it’s a regular occurrence that’s not being justified then you know it’s suspect!


Women are more prone to being sensitive to smells than men are but if you know what your partners natural scent is then you should be able to pick out foreign scents on their body or clothing. Just make sure it’s not just your paranoia!


Everyone has a sixth sense, It’s the strongest tool you have when something is wrong. If your gut is absolutely telling you your loved one is cheating, then say something. Of course they will get defensive & argue but that argument may be your biggest clue to what’s going on & who knows they may even come clean.


Most people in relationships are pretty habitual when it comes to sex. Yes, sometimes couples get adventurous but most times they stick to routine. So if your partner is coming home requesting unusual sex acts they’ve either been watching lots of porn or possibly practicing with someone other than yourself & need totally new ways to get off.


My advice however if your partner is cheating on you, is talk through it. Ok there are absolutely some no goes like best friends or siblings, but believe me things like this happen. Cheating doesn’t always mean they don’t love you or want to leave you. Sometimes it’s just a breakdown in the relationship & if it means enough to you then you can work through it & save it. I know through personal experience that it can be worth doing the hard yards & working through it. But like I said, it would depend on your partner & the circumstances.


Love Lexi XXX