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     So adult babies, well where do I start. It’s an interesting fetish & certainly one that unless you’re with likeminded people, you certainly don’t mention too quickly. I think it’s fairly obvious what this fetish is about & why someone might indulge in this kind of fantasy.

      A Infantilism fetish is exactly what the terminology suggests it is, a fetish for being & acting like an adult baby. The fetish varies in degrees. Some people like to talk in goo goo gaga language as I like to call it, baby talk, sometimes during sex with their partners or even during their daily routines. I quite think that some of the people who like to partake in baby talk aren’t even aware that they may have a fetish. I think if you’re constantly speaking like a baby then maybe you’re into infantilism. Talking like a baby is one thing but some people take this fetish to the extremes, they go the whole hog. Now don't think for one second that infantilism is a male designated fetish, no not so. there are many women who live out their lives as adult babies or toddlers. These women are actually able to live out their fantasies in public unlike men. I guess it's a bit easier for society to accept a woman walking around in underpants with a unicorn t-shirt on sucking on a dummy. Believe it or not there is actually a whole subculture of infantilism fetishists. There are entire businesses that survive on producing adult baby accessories, adult diapers are a huge business on to itself! 

     Now obviously it would take a very open minded partner that would be willing to live out your fantasy & play along with you. It would be difficult to explain to someone why you want to set up a nursery in the spare bedroom, a nursery with adult sized facilities. Yeah try bringing that one up with your girlfriend. Well fortunately for the diehard adult baby fetishists, there are places to accommodate their every whim. We’re talking fully decked out adult nurseries, painted in your favourite pastel shades. Rooms strewn full of fluffy toys & walls covered in safari or barnyard animals. There’s specially made furniture to fit every shape & sized adult. Large cots, ginormous rocking chairs for feeding time & the biggest baby bottles & pacifiers you’ve ever laid eyes on. 

     The women who cater for adult babies, act as surrogate mothers, nursing the adult babies just as they would a baby. They feed them & burp them, they read them stories & wipe their tears when the babies cry & scream, & yes they also change nappies when an accident happens. Now not all adult baby fetishists go to that extent, to wet or crap themselves, but some of them also have bodily fluid fetishes & that includes facies. Yep that’s right they like having their bums wiped & powdered after they’ve done a big old crap in a giant nappy! But that’s what the fetish is about, to completely & utterly let go of your adult self. It’s the most extreme form of regressing back to your childhood, forgetting all you know & have learnt as an adult to rely on another human being entirely. Sometimes in life as adults we don’t get the kind of nurturing we may need, sometimes our lives become devoid of that kind of affection so it’s completely understandable why some would resort to these lengths. Extreme as it may sound to some, we all want to feel loved & cared for & what stronger expression of care, than a mothers nurture.  

     It really does take a special kind of person to cater to infantilism fetishists. When I was working as a BDSM Mistress I found it difficult to be that patient with my adult baby clients. Sometimes people who have adult baby fetishes also have a sadistic side to them & like to really push your boundaries & test your limits. So if you are one of those rare lovers of pooing in adult diapers, please spare a thought for your surrogate mothers & give them a break every now & then, it’s not easy nursing a grown 150kg man on your lap while they breast feed off you….lol….no truly it’s really hard to do!


Just something to think about people.


Love Lexi XXX