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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     Yep, you read correctly, bodily fluids as in urine! Yes, urine can be a fetish for some people & it’s actually much more common than you would think. Water sports as I know it is the action of urinating on, in front or around someone. The actual terminology for water sports is Urolagnia, the act of being aroused by urine & it is one of the more common fetishes around.

     This fetish takes shape in many forms, some people like being urinated on, some like to do the urinating, others solely watch & a number of people enjoy wetting themselves whilst fully clothed. No one really knows what causes this type of fetish but many think it has to do with particular associations that get embedded in our brains. For example, people who are aroused by wetting themselves while clothed often feel a sense of regression back to their childhood, bring about a feeling of being loved & nurtured by a parent after they’d soiled themselves. For others it’s a sense of power when they urinate on another person & a sense of humiliation for the one exposed to the urine. You may ask why you would even want to be humiliated in that fashion & you’d be right to question it. Well from what many of my clients expressed to me when I was working as a Dominatrix was that it gave them almost a sense of freedom & complete release. For them it was about completely surrendering to a strong & powerful woman & giving themselves willingly to be humiliated & watching the expression of sadistic mirth as she performed the act. Not to mention for some people it’s simply a point of sexual gratification at being able to watch such a secret act. I mean you have to admit that it could be fascinating watching someone pee, especially getting to do it close up, it would be highly erotic. Think about it, as a society we’re all so ashamed & embarrassed about going to the bathroom in front of others so it’s not surprising that it would sometimes cause fascination in others, right?

     Despite the fact that some people are highly aroused by the sheer acrid smell of urine, I really do recommend drinking lots of water for a day or two before you try water sports for the first time. I say this because it really can be offensive to get a huge whiff of tangy urine if you’re not used to it. If you’re experimenting it might put you off if you don’t prep properly. Also it’s probably easier to use the shower till you’re more comfortable with the act, eventually through practice you can teach yourself to pee on command, stopping & starting at will, then you can pee wherever you want….lol.


So if you’re looking for a new form of sex play, well hey, why not!


Love Lexi XXX