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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     Most of us are used to the standard blow up doll, you know the freaky looking dolls you blow up with your mouth made of plastic with a huge round hole as the mouth and a perpetual look of shock on it’s face. These sex dolls are actually made to represent parts of the body, so torsos & crotches are the predominant feature of these dolls. Whilst they may look a little unusual because they are only bits of the body, keep in mind that they are made to give you complete access to the bits you love most. So the dolls have anal & vaginal access & the torso ones have super realistic feeling breasts. Since they have two penetrable orifices, they would be great to use in threesomes, particularly between two men & a woman. They even come in various positions like sitting up, laying down or in an all fours position. There are actually even dolls that are made to look like two women on top of each other, giving you four orifices to play with!

     I think the realism of these dolls is their best selling point. Made from the best material that simulates actual texture & real skin feel to give the sensation of being with an actual person. The torsos even have small waists, bountiful hips & bottoms to grip onto. The orifices have ultra-textured canals for a more lifelike feeling during penetration which also helps when you’re going hard at it because let’s face it, who what’s to feel like they’re fucking a drain pipe right…we want texture! The vaginal canal has a super stretchy opening & the anus is really tight for extra special backdoor fun. As with all penetrable sex toys you just have to use loads of water based lube. The one thing that I find & is both negative & positive, is the weight of the dolls. Because of the ultra-realistic material they’re made of, they can be quite heavy to hold. In saying that I suppose in one way that just adds to the realism because it simulates the weight of an actual person’s body. It’s a matter of preference, if you like something more lightweight then this doll may not be for you.

     So if you’re a fan of lifelike sex toys & blow up dolls & you haven’t given one of these babies a go then maybe do some research & see if these dolls are for you. Just be prepared that the really good ones can be quite costly, so you’re putting in a real investment if you buy one. You get what you pay for though.

Happy hunting lovers!



Love Lexi XXX