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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     I recently read an article about a woman who works as a cuddle therapist, at first I was sceptical & then I thought, hang on, touch therapy, it totally makes sense.

     I think we often forget that touch is a form of communication & just like people go to psychologists & councillors as a form of healing, why wouldn’t they go to touch therapy for the exact same thing, to heal. These days there are so many factors that have created a real sense of disconnect within society. We’ve got the internet for one & let’s not forget mobile phones. So if we’ve lost the skills to talk to one another face to face, then we certainly don’t have the skills to know how to touch one another in a non-sexual way. Just think about how important touch is to human beings, to mammals in general. Think about what a mother’s touch is to her children or a wife to her husband, children to parents. It’s a vital way to convey feeling, to show love, affection & care but we’ve lost that ability. There’s also a cultural aspect to why some people don’t use touch as a form of communication. I mean there are some cultures that don’t see touch as a necessity in a relationship, they don’t even kiss as a matter of fact.

     It’s a complete shame that we’ve strayed so far from what is natural to us & that’s why some of these unconventional therapies have popped up. It’s most understandable that people should seek out cuddles as a healing therapy. When you don’t have anyone in your life who you can go to for an understanding embrace why wouldn’t you pay someone for a cuddle. In some ways it’s even better to have a complete stranger show you that care & understanding, you can wholeheartedly let go of your emotions without fear of judgement or reprimand. If laughing therapy is a great form of stress relief then cuddle therapy is perfect for emotional relief. Come to think of it sex workers have been providing touch therapy for as long as the jobs been around. So you see touch therapy is nothing new & we should embrace & encourage more people to seek out all forms of healing touch.



Love Lexi XXX