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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     Ok let’s admit it, we’ve all been with a vain bastard, someone who makes you feel ever that slightly more insignificant when you’re with them. Whatever, we put it down to ego but when it’s during sex I put it down to being a complete asshole! Well now you’ve got an excuse to keep watching yourselves in the mirror while your lovers work extra hard to compete with you all while breaking their backs to please your sexual desires. Apparently you’ve got a fetish, a fetish!!! Listen, my love for gay porn, that’s a fetish or my zeal for wanking someone off with my shoe, that’s a fetish. Egoism is not a sexual kink, it’s a complex far beyond the understanding of most people. When you are paying more attention to how your muscles look when your flexing during doggy rather than if you’ve even got your dick in the hole, well there’s a problem & It’s not called a fetish!

     Am I sounding a little crazy, a tad angry, maybe. Angry I’m not, astounded I am & let me tell you why. A number of years ago I had a lover, a lover who made my head spin whenever I saw him, someone who hadn’t made me buckle at the knees since my husband gave me my first pounding bent over the car door at 6am in the morning in the middle of winter. Someone I made stupid puppy eyes at, someone who made me forget myself. He was beautiful, tall, blonde & blue-eyed, sex on a stick. He had tattoos & a sultry voice & he made me weak, he could make me cream myself from a single kiss, he was fucking hot! Unbeknownst to me at the time, it turned out he loved himself as much as I did.

     Now don’t get me wrong, if you look like he did you’d be a little vain too, we all are in some way but that’s not what bothered me. So one night we were having the most explosive sex, hours upon hours of dirty, steamy sweaty sex. I only thought about this for a second at the time, I was simply too enamored with him & his divine cock, then forgot about it. So what happened was this……we were in a swanky boutique hotel, there was a huge ornate mirror on the floor opposite the bed. He had been tonguing my ass from behind for ages & I did notice him watching in the mirror, no big deal right, who doesn’t love the view of themselves engorging a beautiful ass with their face. He rolled me over & nestled his face in my wet pussy & I thought I heard him mumbling something like “fuck you look hot”…yeah I did look hot. Then he put my legs up in the air, holding both ankles with one hand & slid his enlarged cock inside me & oh my did it feel delicious. Now I like to talk dirty sometimes & the moment called for it, so I start whispering all manner of perversities in a sumptuous husky voice & all of a sudden he ‘shooshed’ me, actually shooshed me. Do you know why he shooshed me, so that I should be quiet while we acknowledged the glory that was his body in the mirror. He actually said “fuck I look hot, watch my ass as I move in & out of you, look how sexy the muscles look covered in sweat”. He was stroking his hair, playing with his chest & I swear he was pulling duck faces at himself, blowing himself kisses! Um hello, there is someone else present, you’re not fucking yourself or maybe you are? That’s when I figured out that his mumbling earlier on when his face was covered in my pussy juice, was not meant for me, he was talking to himself.

     I’m sure you’re thinking “how was she not put off by this guy” & I can say it’s because the sex was fantastic & I thought I was in love. There was another time when we were at his place & getting into the groove, now he loved anal & I didn’t do anal at the time. So when his dick went a bit flaccid a couple of times during the night, I put it down to him getting knocked back after all his pestering for the back entrance. No, I figured out later it was because there was no mirror in the room! Isn’t it funny, how when you’ve got cock in your mouth how easily you fail to notice the things that usually would irk you the most.

     So today whilst doing my research into fetishes I come across a list of really obscure fetishes, ones that are rarely heard of. What do you think I came across, KATOPTRONOPHILIA, the correct terminology for “the arousal to sex in front of mirrors” Well, well, well, apparently there’s a name for what he has & it’s a fetish no less. Now we know that when we encounter a lover staring at themselves in the mirror, paying more attention to how their hair or boobs look, or whether their sex face is on point or not, it’s just a fetish. So don’t be offended when your lover stops to check their profile is ok while they take a selfie of themselves looking in the mirror, all just before you were going to blow your load. No don’t be upset, be more understanding of their special fetish needs.

     Well I’m here to tell you, it’s not a fetish you’re just an egomaniac!! Fetish indeed, now fisting, that’s a bloody proper fetish that is….hahaha!



Love Lexi XXX