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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     My name is Stevie & I’m single, I do have a man in my life & his name is Barry, he’s a Great Dane & he’s an absolute Goliath of a man. At 80kg he can be quite intimidating for some of my dates but he’s really a sooky la la, big for nothing I like to call him. I mean if an intruder broke in he’d be the first to hide under the sheets or the wardrobe, he can open doors by the way. Anyway this is an account of what started happening a few months back.

     As I mentioned I’m single, so occasionally I bring someone home for a romp. I like being single & have no intentions of getting un-single anytime soon. So because of the occasional comings & goings of fresh meat, Barry has gotten used to the idea of casual guests. He’s been super cool about it all, you know being the man in my life he could easily have issues with my friends, but he doesn’t. Naturally I always warn my guests of this behemoth they’re about to meet & everything turns out well.

     So a few months ago I had a friend over & we were getting busy in the bedroom, now I just have to mention that during these occasions, Barry stays outside in the living room. I put the TV on for him & he lays on his bed, the couch, watching a movie. So back to my bedroom antics, I’m in bed receiving a tremendous pounding from behind & probably moaning louder than I should have been. When we finished up I noticed the door was open & I thought maybe I didn’t latch it properly & it opened up. So I thought nothing of it, until it happened a few more times. After that I decided to put a doorstopper behind the door to prevent it from opening again accidentally, I mean I thought it was weird but what more could I read into it, the doors fucked, so what.

     Ok door issues sorted & life goes on. Like I said earlier these bedroom antics at my house are occasional, sometimes someone comes over, sometimes they don’t. It was a number of weeks after the last door incident till I had someone over again. We go into my room, I put the doorstop in place & we go for gold & it was good, fuck he was amazing, cock of a beast, body of an Adonis & the grace of a swan, sorry just got side tracked. Anyway we went on for hours but in the lull moments I thought I could hear moaning or mild howling coming from outside & I wasn’t the only one who noticed. I just took it to be the TV no big deal, until it kept happening. So one night one of my guests & I decided to quietly open the door to see what was going on out there. Now, Barry being no ordinary sized boy, has a huge white bear that sits on the side of the couch that he plays with, now when we opened the door as it was dark out & we couldn’t actually see him, but boy could we hear him. He was on the side of the couch, on top of his bear, thrashing the fuck out of this toy. Poor Barry, he didn’t hear us come out & the look on his face when he realised we were behind him, priceless. Now I don’t know if you know this, but when male dogs are having sex they can’t just stop what they’re doing, their thrusting kind of keeps going for a bit. So Barry turns around, looks at us, turns back to his bear, looks at it, then tries to slink away while his crotch is still gyrating….but the look of shame on his poor big face, he was so embarrassed! My friend & I we’re in so much shock, neither of us said anything from the moment we saw what was going on till the moment we got back to the room. Everyone went their separate ways, Barry went in one direction & we walked quietly in the other. No we did not continue having sex people, we aren’t perverted!

     Afterwards I had to coax Barry out of the bathroom, sit him down on the couch & have a chat with him. I basically had the birds & the bees talk with him, I had to tell him it was all normal & it was ok that he had needs. I pointed to his bear & asked if that was his lover & if they were practicing safe sex, yes I was making fun of my big man & he knew it. He got off the couch picked up the bear & walked it to the door, he blamed the bear for getting caught & wanted nothing more to do with it, I had ruined his booty call for him & he was upset….hehehe.

     Since then, knowing full well that a male Great Dane that’s not

 de-sexed has definite sexual needs, I have set up a new toy in the spare bedroom. I bought a comfy bed for Barry & his friend in the hope he can rekindle his love…lol. It may sound weird to you but I’d rather Barry screw his toys than injure someone if he tries to hump their leg when they come over, & trust me if you saw how big he was, you’d prefer he screw his toy rather than you too!! So now I know what the moaning & groaning was. The only thing that creeps me out a bit is knowing that Barry was watching me & picking up some skills from my lovers. He was opening the door, remember when I said he could open doors, I never thought of it at the time though. So it was Barry opening the door & being a voyeur, that’s all……hahahaha!


Love Lexi XXX