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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     Watching the movie, I couldn’t help sitting there fantasising about being there. Cocaine fuelled orgies with funky music, fab flares & beautiful people, it all just seemed so intriguing.

     I used to manage a swinger’s club & boy was it an experience. Nothing was sacred in this place, there was nowhere to hide. Dark corridors with hidden cavern’s, large rooms with beds put together, small rooms with ceiling to floor mirrors, dungeon rooms & all with no doors, zero privacy. Everything was always dark with very little lighting. At the beginning of the night things would always start off very tame. People would come in, put their belongings in the lockers, grab their drinks & stand in the corners, eyeing the buffet on offer. It was always such a mixed bag of people, young, old, male, female, gay & straight, didn’t matter who you were, everyone came for the same thing, to explore.

     After people got some fluid into them, it was a free for all. People naturally, through the process of selection & elimination, would gravitate towards one another. Some just watch others playing, fucking, purring & savouring. Others were there to take part, do the deeds, unleash their inner demons. Sometimes couples came in not to participate with others but to put on a spectacular show, they were sexually excusive to themselves but they were exhibitionists, in love with the limelight. Those couples encouraged others, gave people courage to play & perform. There was a constant symphony of orgasmic noises, guttural screams of ecstasy, moans of desire & yelps of silent pleasurable pain.

     Sometimes I walked around, watching, there were always secret things going on not entirely for my eyes or ears, there were always secret deals made, silent pacts. There was a set of unspoken rules to be upheld & new clients would always have to get the info from me before proceeding, if someone blatantly broke those rules, they were shown out by security. I always really appreciated that aspect of respect for your fellow swingers, I mean at the end of the day everyone’s safety & wellbeing is at stake.

     People brought all kinds of props with them, a cacophony of toys, some that were even home-made but they were always for the BDSM crowd, women always had kinky lingerie with them sometimes it became a bit of a competition amongst them. Occasionally we had ladies doing strip shows & at other times the raunchiest, wildest dildo shows, they were always a crowd pleaser, a much needed interlude to give you a break from all the fornicating, licking & sucking. Not everyone at these events got undressed or participated at all, some people just came out of curiosity & that was just fine, there was never any rules about what you had to do to be included. It was a place you could be anonymous, do as much or as little as you liked & just experience the debauchery then go home to your wife & kids & a cup of tea. People weren’t freaks or anything perverted in the nasty sense, they were just everyday people doing adult things in a safe environment & that’s what I loved about swinger’s clubs. Sometimes people came to socialise with each other in a non-sexual way, albeit in the buff but always with a drink in one hand & a smile on their noggins. It was a really warm feeling being trusted by these people that were so exposed, because I didn’t participate, despite being asked every night to come & play, it was a privilege to be trusted & considered one of the pack.

     At the end of the night there were always a couple of stragglers that were difficult to get out of the joint, always keen to keep the party going, I chucked those ones in the spa while I cleaned up the slew of condoms & mopped up the various bodily fluids, not my favourite part of the job if you can imagine. Then it was last drinks, last smokes & farewells. It was exhausting at times, taking on the intense energy of other people, it’s a high that can be difficult to come down from so it was hard to get to sleep sometimes. Most nights I left sexually frustrated having watched so much fucking, I mean it’s like having your own personal live porno but not being able to finger or jerk yourself off, frustrating! Unfortunately by the time I got home most nights the exhaustion hit before a climax could be reached, c’est la vie…..

     Next night the carriage comes along again & I hop on for the long ride. Every night was a different kind of rollercoaster, a different animal. New prey, fresh meat on offer, novices to break in & a new drama to unfold. Just a day at the office….& what a day it was!


Love Lexi XXX