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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     He lives in the building opposite mine, all his windows spy straight into my rooms. We keep our blinds up & live our lives in parallels, together yet apart. I don’t know him, never spoken to him, I’ve never inhaled his scent, he’s a stranger. Everything about him is familiar, I watch him as he moves from room to room, catch glimpses of him on the couch watching TV, stand opposite him in the kitchen. Most nights we cook simultaneously, most nights I wash my dishes wearing a T-shirt and g-string, some nights he washed his topless. We sit alone at night with only the glow of a screen to light up the scene. I see him watching me when I play with my dog, rolling around on the floor laughing, he laughs with me. Neither of us ever shuts our blinds, lest we hide something from one another, maybe miss an erotic moment. Sometimes when I get dressed in the mornings I see him watching in the reflection of my mirror, I take my time, run my hands over my breasts, moaning, fantasising secretly. I always make sure on those days, I wear something exciting, like I’m dressing for my lover.

     His bathroom window is opposite mine, at night when he’s in the shower I stand by the window & watch him, I’m sure he can see me standing there, sense my eyes on his torso. I watch steaming hot water drip down his back, down his muscular chest as he turns around in my direction. He puts one hand up on the glass screen & slides his other hand down his chest towards his groin, I can’t see any further than his hips but that’s ok, leaves me with more images to work with. I know what he’s doing with his hand down there, I picture him stroking his erect penis back & forth, I watch as every muscle in his body tenses up, he leans his head back, closes his eyes, his lips part & I can almost hear him moan. I stroke my hard aching nipples, gently rubbing them with the tips of my fingers, so hard, rigid with arousal. My leg goes up on the toilet, parting my lips enough for me to finger my swollen clit, put my fingers in my mouth to moisten them up, use my own saliva as lube. My hand moves between my hard clit & my wet hot hole, I tease my pussy bringing myself close to climax then pull back, I want this to last until he’s ready. I see his arm start to move faster, with more determination, he tugs at his cock hard, I can almost taste his salty pre cum in my mouth, imagine his cock throbbing against my lips as he lets his seed explode down my throat. I’m fucking myself now, moving to his rhythm, hard & fast, I fuck my pussy with a thirsty need, I want to release all over him, scream, claw at him as I cum. The dildo fills me up completely as I penetrate as deep as I can while I tickle my clit, I pretend it’s his tongue, his cock inside me. The desperation & anticipation is clear on his expression, he’s about to blow, I can almost hear his silent screams. He stands there, under the shower, resting, water engulfing his body, my eyes act as my hands & roam over him as he stands there, spent, exhausted. I get in my bath, lay back, put my feet up in the air & fuck myself in both holes, my climax is intense, I’ve held out as long as I possibly could, languishing the moment, savouring, fantasising, imagining him, inside me, over me. I let out a sigh, taking care for him to just about hear me, I know he knows I’m there, I’m sure he plays it out for me.

     I still don’t know him, we haven’t spoken, I haven’t yet inhaled his scent, he hasn’t touched me, we live symbiotically in parallels.


Love Lexi XXX