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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     I have to admit I absolutely fell in love with the massage wand when I first got one, for a while it took centre stage while my poor vibrator sat in my underwear drawer. Originally I got a mini wand then upgraded to a larger one. It kind of became my multi use toy, it was perfect for a neck and back massage & of course my favourite, a clit massager. What I particularly loved about these super little tools was the way I could use the head of the wand. Because it’s the same shape all the way around the head it, didn’t matter what direction I turned it or from which angle I used it. This was perfect because a lot of vibrators have to be angled a certain way for the best results, so the fact that I didn’t have to think about positioning my hand a certain way left me open to really enjoy the sensation of the wand. The wands fabulously round shaped head also gave me the option to alternate movement between my clitoris and my vagina very easily. Not being able to insert the wand wasn’t an issue whatsoever because the fullness of the head gave me such strong vibrations around my hole that it was felt around my inner thighs & almost to my buttocks. That’s another thing, because this is a massage wand & the handle is a really good length, you can easily massage your anus during your play as well. Most massage wands have various different settings to play with too. Which is perfect when you’re trying to prolong an orgasm, because you can tone it down a bit when you get a tad over sensitive, then build it up again when you’re ready for an intense climax.

     The wand is super versatile, it isn’t just a toy for women, men can use them to massage their anus or balls during masturbation. On a really low setting they could even massage the head of their cock for an even more explosive sensation. It’s definitely the way I like to use the wand with my husband when I’m giving him a blowjob. I use the mini wand on a lower setting & run it along his shaft & balls, alternating between mouth & wand. And let me tell you, he absolutely loves it!

     So you can totally see why I love this toy, it’s versatility makes it a great toy to share with your partner as well as use it solo. And let’s not forget that you can give yourself a lovely neck & shoulder massage after a hard day’s work. Just be sure to house it in a special place so that you don’t end up grabbing it accidentally to give it to mum or dad when they’re complaining about a sore neck……that would be awkward, watching your parent massaging their neck with your sex toy….funny but wrong!



Love Lexi XXX