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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     If you’re in a relationship, then you probably have another couple who you & your partner like to hang out with. But coming up with ideas for double dates can be tiresome sometimes. There’s only so many dinners & brunches you can handle. I mean it’s fantastic to get together & have dinner but eventually it gets a bit boring & you want to do something completely new & different. Whatever you end up choosing to do, it’s got to be fun & with rising costs of living in Sydney, you want it to be cost effective as well. So these are a few things that you & your partner could do with your friends without breaking the bank all while having a blast.

# GO KARTING……Go karting is ridiculously fun for anyone, but when you’ve got two competitive couples, well you can see how you could turn a simple day on the track into some uber fun! Turn it into a competition, you can make small wagers that aren’t cash related but something trivial & fun. Swap your partner & race each other in teams. It’s the perfect activity to let loose & have a blast, the perfect time to be a kid again.

# FLEA MARKET RUMMAGE…..If you’re a lover of all things vintage then you are a lover of flea markets. You can literally spend hours upon hours roaming around digging in different boxes or racks for that one of a kind piece. If you’ve got a couple that are into vintage like you & your partner, then why not make a day of it. Sydney has lots of weekend flea markets you can go to, but if you really want an excursion then why not drive to the Blue Mountains or the country side to one of their monthly antique fairs. You can find a quaint little café for some lunch & then spend the day on the hunt, four sets of eyes are better than two, that way both couples have a better chance of spotting that memorable piece. Just be aware the other couple may find what you’ve been searching for so don’t get your knickers in a knot over it!

# GAME NIGHT…… Game night has to be the most inexpensive date night ever. A bunch of board games & two couples who are really good friends can turn into memory worthy evening. Play games like twister, Monopoly or charades. Whatever games you choose, it’s sure to be a bundle of laughs. You could even play something like Cluedo & dress up like the murder mystery characters. Now if you’re really game, then maybe you could try your hand at strip poker. It may get a little kinky & yes you may all end up naked but how often are you going to be faced with the possibility of a foursome, yeah maybe never!

Ok so it’s a start, we’ve come up with a few things for double dates that won’t break the bank & are a load of fun & laughs. Tune in later on in the week for the next bunch of double date ideas!


Have fun lovers!


Love Lexi XXX