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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     Admit it, the blow up doll is the most multi-purpose, versatile toy there is. Some people are so creative when it comes to the use of this toy, it’s incredible. I thought I’d list a few of the more hilarious things people have used this doll for before I get to its actual sexual purpose.

# Extreme craziness, parents mistaking a blow up doll for a kiddie’s toy! I see many years of trauma counselling in this child’s future!

# I’ve seen this personally so believe me, there are actual humans that do this. Using a blow up doll as a passenger to get away with using the T2 lane…WTF?!

# Trying to convince burglars that there’s someone home when you go away on holidays.

# Scarecrows, slightly more understandable but totally defeats the purpose when the birds deflate the thing after pecking the crap out of its blow up face.

# Attempting to make the ex-girlfriend that dumped you, that you’re over her by driving past her with a Kim K facial print out stuck onto your fake blow up girlfriend’s face!

# Giving your partner the threesome you’ve always wanted but having to substitute a human for a doll due to short notice dilemma.

     Ok so funny shit aside, what do people actually use these dolls for when it comes to sex? It really is what it says on the tin isn’t it. It’s a blow up, life sized sexual substitute for a human being. A blow up dolls functions and features are pretty basic but they do achieve their purpose. The purpose clearly being to gratify the user through oral, vaginal or anal penetration. The down side to a traditional plastic blow up doll is the amount of actual sensation you are able to achieve. Unfortunately, because of the material they’re made of it’s difficult to create any tight pressure around the penis. In that sense the doll is really limiting because the user just isn’t able to feel that enveloping suction sensation that they would with a woman. In saying that, the benefit to using a blow up doll is the amount of free movement you can create. A conventional woman has limitations on the positions she can get into and certain bodily friction can make some movements difficult. But with a blow up doll you can move her any which way you please not to mention the benefit of being able to ejaculate anywhere without the worry of pregnancy.

     The blow up doll is obviously a sex tool designed for men, apart from being a vessel for penetration there simply isn’t any use for further sexual gratification, therefore limiting the tool to male use only. One of the most amusing attributes to these dolls are the fact that you can now have dolls mimicking the features of your favourite movie star, singer, porn star, reality celebrity and even politician. Good Lord, a Donald Trump blow up doll with holes in all the wrong places!


Love Lexi XXX