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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     Who doesn’t love a gorgeous bunch of flowers on Valentine’s day. Well I certainly do and even though the day of love is a commercial trump card for the floristry industry, holding us to ransom with their extortionate rates on long stem roses, I still love Valentine’s day. The thing is that most of us struggle with what to gift our loved ones. I mean with birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries to contend with, Valentine’s day can end up with the short end of the stick. And honestly, how many times can you possibly buy your partner perfume or cologne.

     So how can we celebrate the day of love without having to spend a fortune or put our loved ones to sleep with predictable generic gifts and gas station flowers? Simple, with some personal touches. Rather than buy anything, omitting customary flowers of course, how about doing something personal and sweet instead. It just takes a bit of imagination.


*Make dinner and dessert that’s appropriate to take on a picnic and pack it in a lovely basket with crockery and cutlery to lay the food out onto. Leave a handful of notes with clues guiding your partner to the destination. For an added personal touch spray the notes with your favourite perfume or cologne and attach some rose petals to each note. To make the picnic extra romantic bring a heap of candles with you and a picnic rug. Just in case you don’t have candle holders for the outdoors you can simply put small tealight or votive candles in some left over jars (save a bunch of food jars) , that’ll ensure any wind won’t blow the flames out.

*Whether you’re male or female, so long as you have good touch then you can gift your partner with a pampering evening. Light the bedroom up with candles and put some sensual soothing music on. Grab some body lotion or oil, face scrub, toner and face cream. Fill up a small bowl with warm water and throw in some flower petals. Roll up a couple of face towels nicely and place all of the items on a tray. So now you’re set to give your lover a facial and head to toe massage. Make them feel extra special by especially focusing on the head and foot massage, it’ll make them feel amazing after a long day's work.

     Check in tomorrow for two more special Valentine's day tips for personal and treasured gifts and experiences. As i said, it really does just take a little bit of imagination to create the perfect personalised gift for the one you love. A gift to be remembered. 


Happy Love Day to lovers everywhere!


Love Lexi XXX