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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     Ok so it’s a given that most things we do in life, if done in moderation, is good for us right? So then it goes without saying that things done in excess and extremes, can be bad for us too. In the case of masturbation, too much is definitely not a good thing. Over masturbating in both sexes can cause lasting issues, the effects can sometimes be worse for men especially as they’ve been socially conditioned over generations not to deal with their sexuality as openly and honestly as they as they could be.

     Over masturbating, or an addiction to masturbating for men can cause a number of physical problems that can affect their sex life and even mental wellbeing. Men that have masturbation addictions are prone to injuring themselves from the extreme frequency with which they play with themselves. The more they masturbate the longer it takes for them to reach climax resulting in frustration and anger. The more frustrated they get the rougher they become in the way they touch their penises. They end up with blisters and sores that can bleed when touched. Unfortunately, when getting to this stage they can attach mental stigma to themselves with feelings of shame and inadequacy. If you can imagine severe over use and abuse of the muscle that is the penis, it will inevitably cause erectile dysfunction disorder and even impotence and it’s that knowledge that can cause mental breakdown. Now that’s’ pretty extreme scenarios but over masturbation does get to that stage, more than we know, it’s just not something we have open discussions about in society. Self pleasuring still seems to be a taboo in our modern society. This kind of shame and anger often gets directed towards partners and lovers causing breakdowns in relationships and sex life.

     Women face the same issues, masturbation addictions aren’t isolated to men only, many women suffer the same afflictions. It causes the same physical harm with females rubbing themselves raw in agitation at not being able to reach climax. Being emotionally intelligent, females more often than not deal with masturbation addictions on their own, choosing not to speak of the problem facing them. Sex becomes a burden rather than the pleasurable and intimate response to lusting after a partner or a casual interlude. Naturally when we can’t express ourselves sexually we tend to isolate ourselves emotionally and physically. There simply isn’t enough education out there about sexual addictions, especially about masturbation addictions. Unfortunately, as masturbating is such a private and personal thing, the subject will most likely stay behind closed doors for a long time to come.



It’s ok to talk about things that trouble us with people who care. Love holds no judgement beautiful people.



Love Lexi XXX