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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


The book - TREMBLE

                    Sensual Fables of the Mystical and Sinister

                    By TOBSHA LEARNER.

     Tremble is a book of erotic short stories. Set in various locations around the world, the stories are all intriguing and curious. Not all of the stories are blatant in your face pornographic erotica. They aren’t all overtly sexually descriptive but all contain plenty of innuendo. For me I found the stories to be of a whimsical, fanciful and romantic nature. If you were to put them in the context of today’s pornography, then I would say Tobshas stories in Tremble would be classified as soft core porn. Presents itself as slightly naïve and innocent but veiled in dripping passionate seduction.  

     The book starts off with a story about a young woman who is summoned to her great aunts dying bedside in a Welsh village. Her pagan aunt is about to gift her a family heirloom, a mandrake root. Fascinating thing about this root is that upon awakening one day the woman finds the mandrake transformed into a living penis. A jealous, possessive fine lover of a penis. It becomes both a pleasure and a curse to the woman. She goes on to uncover a family secret in which this mandrake root turned penis, plays a pivotal role in the shaping of her family history.

     Midway you find yourself reading about a beautiful young nun who has lost her faith and is travelling from Australia to a Greek island in an attempt to find it again. There she is given the honour of becoming a guardian to guard a precious Saint’s relic for the duration of a religious festival that draws pilgrims from far and wide, strangely mostly all women. She is told not to touch the relic at all costs, which happens to be a nipple encased in glass. But like a small child she gives in to curiosity and touches the forbidden relic. Before she knows it, she is pregnant within a matter of days. The Mother Superior sends her away to an ancient cave on another part of the island to recover from her illness, for the nun does not know she is actually pregnant. In this cave she gives birth to a baby that grows leaps and bounds in the blink of an eye. Devine immaculate conception by a Saint’s relic of a shrivelled nipple?

     This book presents you with tales of lust, obsessive love, stifled sexuality, romance, mysticism and desire. The pages sprinkled with dark fanciful humour. With lots of sinister undertones interwoven with magic, passion and erotica, Tremble urges you to explore your senses and explore the human heart with all it’s desires. Tremble gently prods and pokes you into arousal, it is a great book with which to begin your erotic fiction journey. Deliciously sensual and elegant is Tobsha Learners Tremble.


Happy reading sensual people!


Love Lexi XXX