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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     Two weeks ago a very dear friend of mine came over to my place for dinner and handed me an envelope containing a gift voucher. To say I was shocked was an understatement, it was a voucher for an hour massage at an erotic massage parlour called Michelle’s. To be honest I was a bit offended, not that I’m closed minded but I couldn’t understand what my friend thought she was doing meddling in my private affairs. You see I’ve been single for just under two years and doing the occasional dating but always pulling away anytime I felt things got too confronting for me. My wife and I, well my ex-wife, we’re married for 8years so it’s been really difficult trying to rekindle some semblance of a love life. It also doesn’t help being a workaholic running my own business.

     So three days ago on a Friday afternoon my girlfriend says she’s taking me out to lunch but actually ambushed me and took me to Michelle’s. She walked me right in and explained the situation to the receptionist, who by the way was really lovely and understanding about my nervousness. I was so apprehensive I made my girlfriend stay and wait for me since it was she who pushed me into the situation. The receptionist was kind enough to put me in a room and have three girls come and meet me, which apparently isn’t the usual protocol. I guess I picked more on the basis of who made me feel more at ease rather than looks. So um I guess this is what happened next and what I felt and experienced.

     The girl, or maybe I should say lady, girl feels weird, was pretty a girl next door type. Blonde with pert breasts and long legs, she had a real way about her, really gentle and warm, comfortable and easy to be with. I told her I’d never done this before and just came out of a long relationship but she said it was quite ok, we’d all been through heartache and just to try to relax and use the time to be whoever I wanted to be and whatever I wanted to be in this space. I liked that, a lot.

     She had really beautiful music on and candles on, she started dancing and stripping my clothes off. She asked me to help take hers off too. I had my hair down and she took off her hair clip and put my hair up while she kissed my neck then led me into the shower. The water was lukewarm and she washed my back for me from behind me. She lathered her hands up with soap that smelt of jasmine, she was still behind me when she asked me if it was ok to touch me, although I was still nervous scared even, I was aroused. Having not been intimate with anyone for a while I couldn’t help getting wet, plus to be honest it drives me crazy being caressed from behind so I said, whispered “yes that’s fine thank you”. She lathered my whole body, my breasts, my ass, everywhere. Her body was pressed against my back, her pubic mound against my ass. Her mouth was hot on me as she licked my neck and ear, I started moaning when she slid her fingers over my nipples and down between my thighs. I felt myself getting wetter, I needed her to touch me, she was playing with me then slid her fingers inside me while her palm rubbed against my clit. The pressure of her palm rocking back and forth on my clit while her fingers fucked me felt incredible, It didn’t take me long to come. She told me to stay in the shower and ran out to grab something, it was a vibrator and something else i couldn't see. I was a bit embarrassed of losing myself so easily and told her so, she laughed and said she thought I had a lot more to let go of and so did she. Then she was back in the shower and all of a sudden her mouth was on mine, her tongue entwined around mine. The kissing was ridiculously passionate, like being with a lover, such a raw sensation. Breasts pressed together, water cascading down and into every little crevice, the shower steaming hot. Her tongue moved down my body, sucking and biting my hard nipples, my clit was throbbing desperately, I wanted that tongue on my clit, I wanted to grab her hair while she ran her tongue over it until I came. Before I knew it she was there, holding one of my legs in the air she devoured me. I screamed, I didn’t even know I was screaming. My orgasm was so intense, I was sure I was spent, but I was wrong. She got up and said it was her turn, she massaged my back a little while I recovered. After about 5minutes she asked if I was ok and was I ready for thirds. By this stage I was pretty much putty in her hands. What she did next was a maneuver that was a first for me, she handed me a magic bullet, bent over in front of me with her ass to my pussy. She grabbed my hand and positioned the bullet onto her clit while she reached under me and put a vibrator inside me. She started fucking me again while she was grinding herself on me, pushing herself into the vibrating toy. We got into a perfect rhythm of rubbing, pushing, grinding, she was arching her back and moaning. She fucked me hard and fast while I shoved the bullet inside her and massaged her swollen clit till we came, almost simultaneously. It was intense, she was howling and I gasping for air.

     Water trickled over our bodies as we stood there washing each other afterwards, we kissed gently and giggled at random stuff, I was embarrassed but she put me at ease, told me what happened was what I was there for, what was natural and beautiful. She gave me a short massage afterwards which I barely remember to be honest, how could I concentrate on enjoying a massage when I was literally still dripping from what happened in the shower. Plus my time was running out so we didn’t really manage a longer one, next time she said. Once again she obliged in helping my wobbly legs get dressed and gave me a long deep kiss before I said goodbye.

     Long and short of it, I came out of that room with a childish grin on my face and swatted my girlfriend off like a fly when she hassled for details. Ha, when I eventually told her she said she wished she’d kept the voucher for herself instead. It was refreshing for me to learn something new about a place i'd never envisioned i'd enter. I suppose it feels reassuring knowing i can randomly walk into a place like Michelle's and retain my anonymity and privacy. So after all that and finally realising that even though I’m not ready for a relationship, I still need sensuality in my life, I still need to care for myself physically in order to maintain an emotional balance. So my girlfriend and I have vowed to make time in our schedules to indulge in an erotic massage once in a while, why not, instead of facials we’ll get clitorals, our made up little word. I left Michelle’s feeling a little more like myself again. Sometimes people who love you know more about what you need than you do yourself. Everybody needs warmth and sensuality in their life, if not regularly then at least occasionally, i sure did. 


By Cat.

Friend of Michelle’s.