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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!



Now if you’ve got a chick friend that is constantly asking you advice on her failed tinder dates or her hopeless E- HARMONY relationships, there’s a reason other than friendship. What she’s really fishing for are compliments on how those guys missed out, and any guy would be super lucky to have her as their girl. She wants to hear in a veiled kinda way how much you think of her as a potential mate, for some other guy that is, no but secretly for you. Yep she’s buying rings at Tiffiny’s in her head shop already!


If your gal pal or work colleague makes lame jokes all the time and as a what seems to be a reflex, punches the crap out of your bicep, shoulder or pokes you in the rib cage, she likes you. It’s a really silly way of a woman saying “I’m still a feminist and can stand my ground, I’m tough and not to be messed with see how strong I am…… but gosh I just want you to take me out, buy me flowers and piggy back me through an autumnal park scene”. Yeah it’s just our funny little way.


This one’s such an obvious one isn’t it. Fashion compliments, yep simple as that. Always mentioning how good you look and how good your taste in fashion is, unless of course she happens to think you’re gay. Oops, hopefully for your sake that’s not the case and she genuinely digs your threads.


Does your gal pal parade around you in the nude, spilling drinks on herself by accident and then ooh asking for a “t-shirt” then strips off right in front of you? Woah that is such a definitive Class A flirt alert, that gal likes you a lot!!


Now, to other women this would be such an obvious in your face sign it would make your momma blush. If your lady friend is always making remarks about how amazing your mother is and how lucky you are to have such great siblings, how well your mother cooks, how cute your nieces and nephews are and how ugly your exes were….. then that girl doesn’t just like you. She wants to freaking marry you my friend. Yep be wary of not so hidden meanings, innocent enough to you, flashing red alert signs for the rest of us.


Now let’s just say these points are all hypothetical, just in case some crazy ass bitch out there is exhibiting any of these signs and thinks I’ve just exposed her game.




Love Lexi XXX